Gift Ideas For Mom

on 05.10.2012

I'm sure plenty of you out there still need to get your momma something for Mother's Day, so I figured we could ask the moms of crazyshit what makes a good Mother's Day gift. I have a feeling that none of the ladies will actually comment here, and it will just be a few guys who find some way to use this blog as more proof that I'm a big, gay fag, but maybe I'll be surprised and there will actually be some good input. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Get your mom some valtrex, FAG!
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 2:57 PM

I guess I could buy her some grass seed. Maybe a headstone too, her grave is pretty bare.
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 3:46 PM

A day at the spa, gift cards for something she really likes, dinner and a movie, flowers, concert or opera tickets, a party with all the kids or just you and your kids!
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 4:04 PM

Big, gay, fag????? Adam?? NOOOOOO. Guiltee bye suspition.
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 5:32 PM

My mom is old fashioned Adam but I guess a card and flowers. Some of these freaks might say a vibrator.lol. Bigger Talk is Black so she aint getting shit.lol Love the site.Im a fan now for sure. Do you have android platform?
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 7:50 PM

We, as moms, don’t need or want much...for me just having both of my kids home at the same time and enjoying them without their cell phones or arguing is a good day. Oh, and if they would clean up after themselves that would be icing on the cake!
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 8:16 PM

I’ve found that dildoes make excellent gifts for every occasion (except maybe Flag Day and bar mitzvahs). But for as someone special as Adam’s mother, I’d go with an xtra-large DP variety in a deep shade of chocolate.
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 9:05 PM

get her a date with me.
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 11:38 PM

Moms like to be comfy...things like Flannel PJs...shit...your in Florida. Take her out to eat..spend some time with her. Then bring her to Crazy Shit Headquarters and show her how proud she should be of all your hard work spreading debouchary across the lands.
posted on: 05-10-12 @ 11:46 PM