Can't Hold It

on 05.16.2012

Today's picture of a woman shitting on a bumper got me to thinking. Have you ever had to shit so bad, that shitting on a car in public was a option? After thinking about it, it seems I had shit in public once before. All though, it wasn't on a bumper of a car. It was in the bushes of a parking lot, where we were out skateboarding. There was no where to go, and well, I had to shit. I think I wiped my ass with a news paper. After that I had mud butt, and wanted to go home so I could wash my ass off. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i took a shit in a park after a close fart made me think id shat myself, it was after alot of drink and at like 2 am, so its ok. except for wiping my ass with a handfull of grass.
posted on: 05-16-12 @ 3:22 PM

cheers jay ! just the thought of your fat ass on a skate board made me laugh! what the fuck was the skate board made out of?. . steel?
posted on: 05-16-12 @ 3:52 PM

i shit in a teachers mail box one night when i was like 17. we pulled up to it flung the van door open and i stuck my ass up to the mailbox and fired one off as hard as i could. the guy in the front grabed the mail box door to slam it shut and whacked me in the nuts with the damn thing. i fell back into he fan and got shit all over the floor.
posted on: 05-16-12 @ 9:59 PM

I’ve shit in the timer and used a rabbit I had shot to wipe my ass. Then I fed the rabbit to my neighbor.
posted on: 05-16-12 @ 11:29 PM

I got so drunk once at a friends house I went in hid furnace room right next to the real bathroom and sat on a geriatric porto potty he had in there from taking care of his old man. The problem was there was no bucket in it. Yup, he found me passed out cold with last nights dinner sitting in a runny pile beneeth. All I remember is getting dragged through his kitchen and fighting with the police about how I was going to get home. They told me if I give you a ride it will be to jail. Remindes me of a pic I saw here awhile back. Well a friend came to get me in his pick up..I rode in the back.
posted on: 05-17-12 @ 3:26 AM