Buy Bang Bros Gear!

on 05.18.2012

Our good friends over at Bang Bros asked that we spread the word on their new online store. We all know that Bang Bros is a house hold name, even Family Guy talked about them a few weeks ago. Now you can show that you too know what the finest porn on the internet is. You can sport a Porn shirt, or even a sweet Bang Bros shirt. Hell, they even got a Kimbo Slice t-shirt!!! Ladies don't think Bang Bros ever forgets about you! They have shirts for the ladies as well. For me, I'm going for Toss Salad shirt! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
That nigger kimbo slice got fucked up in Real mma! Fag! Bang bros ,keep fucking biggertalks homies!
posted on: 05-18-12 @ 2:57 PM

let’s face it jay,i know what bang bros is and so do you. but if you wear that shirt out somewhere with people who don’t know then a shirt that says bang bros is going to attract a whole lot of gay men
posted on: 05-18-12 @ 2:59 PM

i hate to say it but lenny is dead fucking right on that one dude. besides those chicks are mostly paid hookers
posted on: 05-18-12 @ 8:35 PM

worst porn site ever. and iv got over ten pc tower’s infested with mal ware, virus’s, trackers, spy ware, and god only knows what else on them. . all from there home site. i keep them running so i can keep up to date with there shit. . i dont watch porn. .. honest mr. .
posted on: 05-18-12 @ 11:04 PM