Shady Assholes

on 05.21.2012

I'm sure you already know, but it never hurts to reiterate the fact that you just can't trust those towel heads at the kwik-e-mart. Those motherfuckers are always trying to ring shit up for more than it's marked. And they always know when you're drunk or high and really try to fuck you over. So after you smoke that spliff and head out for some munchies, stay on point. Maybe even bring a calculator if you need to, and be ready to straighten Habib out. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Why buy overpriced sand nigger shit when you can go home, wake up your mother and tell that bitch to make you some curly fries.
posted on: 05-21-12 @ 2:27 PM

So that’s why I paid 46 dollars for a six pack and slim jims
posted on: 05-21-12 @ 4:11 PM

i see adam got fucked by the towel heads at 7/11 again.
posted on: 05-21-12 @ 5:26 PM

Assclown stop sniffin your moms panties n move the fuck out! But, fucking sand niggers!
posted on: 05-21-12 @ 6:56 PM

screw then fuckers back give them foreign change or laundry tokens
posted on: 05-21-12 @ 8:13 PM

^^^ I think that’s the coolest and most educated piece of advice you’ve ever given any of us.
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 12:40 AM

Fucking sand niggers,what is wrong with our country.During WW2 we rounded up the japs and put them in camps,shouldn’t we be doing that with the sand nigs ?
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 1:08 AM

^^^Lets do that with the regular niggers too. Most of them claim to be Muslim.
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 1:12 AM

hmmmmm.....thats why i like to poop in urinals at the seven elevens.....
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 4:28 AM

Maybe if you didn’t look such a dumb ass Adam, they wouldn’t have try it.
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 9:51 AM

The Indians that run our neighborhood gas station/convenience store are actually the most friendly fuckers in town, and I can add, so they’re not robbing me. They don’t take any shit of the nigger kids either. They only let one or two nigger kids come in at a time, they run the rest off. The white workers a few blocks up the street are tools though. Always acting like they don’t wanna wait on you, or even be there working.
posted on: 05-22-12 @ 11:38 PM

^^^Until you piss one off and then they look at you like they want to cut your fucking head off,no joke.^^^
posted on: 05-23-12 @ 12:40 AM