Smells Like Ass

on 05.31.2012

Did you ever rip a fart that smelled so bad it made you gag? Usually, I think everyone pretty much likes their own brand, but when even you can't tolerate the smell of your rancid ass, there might be a problem. Maybe it means it's time to change up the diet. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
The best farts are the ones that could strip the varnish off a foot locker. The worse they are the better.
posted on: 05-31-12 @ 3:36 PM

i do churn out some rancid eye watering colon coughs. . but not a fuckin patch on my nieces Siberian husky. . always silent. . fuckin deadly. . . had to pull the van over once and puke till my guts were empty, even then i was still heaving for a good 20 minutes . evil dog !
posted on: 05-31-12 @ 5:03 PM

You should lay off those piss eggs from the chinks!!!
posted on: 05-31-12 @ 7:51 PM

i was going across iowa one time on interstate 80 when i had ta shit. so i pulled into the iowa 80 truck stop . while walking across the parking lot thru all the trucks i was farting every 3-4 steps. this truck driver 30 ft behind me was gaging and choking like he had the flu and was trying to keep from puking. i asked if he was ok, he said "ya mother fucker i’ll be just fine when stop fucking shitting your pants every 3-4 feet!!" i laughed so hard i had a mud turtle before i got to the shit house!!
posted on: 05-31-12 @ 10:14 PM

seriously, bro, sometimes i embarrass myself. like i ate alpo or some type of shit.Lol thanks for keeping it trill, my nigga!
posted on: 06-01-12 @ 5:50 AM