Forgotten Soliders

on 06.04.2012

I was watching the news a few days ago when they did a piece on a charity organization, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. I thought it was a pretty cool organization that I would spread their message. They basically ship care packages to our men and women serving abroad. It seems they don't have Walmarts in Afghanistan yet, so these care packages really help the soldiers out. One thing they said they needed was donations to help pay for shipping to the soldiers. If you could help them out, that would be great! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Thanks for the link. Donation made.
posted on: 06-04-12 @ 2:45 PM

my son just got back from afganistan last fall. he said all this donated stuff that is sent over there by churchs and other organisations is a joke. he said they can buy anything they want for a fraction of what they pay in the states for the same stuff. also the soldiers are making on average 2800-3000 dollars a month tax free. and if they have a wife back home she gets a seperate check also. he said alot of the shit they get ends up sold to the locals or given away to the locals. and the only ones that actually use the stuff thats sent are the tight wads who dont wanna buy their own tooth paste or use army issue. so basicaly all this feel good charity we have been giving those kids over there has been a waste of time and money. except the candy he said they eat all the candy.
posted on: 06-04-12 @ 2:53 PM

@ron, while I could agree with what you said, I still feel it is our human nature to help the soldiers while they are abroad. Even if they do not use the items sent, it may, I said "may" help them morally, knowing that those who they are fighting for care enough to try to help them out. I am a former soldier, and I applaud and salute all our service members, past, present, and future. Our future relies on their committments!
posted on: 06-04-12 @ 5:48 PM

What a great idea! Making a donation for the Soldiers on the front line is very important for morale. Even if they don’t use the items it’s the thoughts from home that really counts.
posted on: 06-05-12 @ 2:17 AM

rockinron and mrratty over here in the U.K. soldiers are the last to get looked after ( mentally and physically ) i had to ask for housing and help for the only time ever and got told it would be maybe 20 years! yet the raghead next to me in the queue ( with no connection to MY COUNTRY! ) got housed that night ! two-hats will understand! so god bless all your veterans because they don`t do shit for them here in London.... rant over
posted on: 06-06-12 @ 1:36 PM

and the next homeless guy you ignore and walk past might and probably will be a `vet ( and we ain`t talking an animal doctor )
posted on: 06-06-12 @ 1:41 PM