The Phone Is Ringing

on 06.05.2012

Have you ever been jacking it and then your phone rings, and you see that it's your mom or your grandpa or someone that you don't want masturbation to be linked to whatsoever? What do you do then? Do you keep going and ignore the call? Do you take the call and finish the job later? It might be hard to pick up where you left off after a boner kill like that. Or are you twisted and answer the phone and keep on stroking? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i dont get distracted by noise’s like phones or my mom walking into the room. i really gotta start lockin my door when i abuse the primate.
posted on: 06-05-12 @ 3:35 PM

I was bangin my gf on the couch one time when her mom called. She picked up the phone, and there I was... Decision time! Do I pull out or keep going? What the fuck do you think I did? I manned up and plowed right back in, and fucked her from behind while she talked to Mom... She kept a normal tone of voice but she loved every minute of it... She got sooooo wet!!!
posted on: 06-05-12 @ 3:41 PM

What do you do when the door bell rings?
posted on: 06-05-12 @ 5:15 PM

If the phone rings while I’m trying to drop a batch I go ahead and answer it. During the call I’ll usually give myself a couple of ’courtesy tugs’ until I hang up, then I continue on with the load blowing ritual.
posted on: 06-06-12 @ 12:20 AM

@treehouse If the doorbell rings I pray to God that it’s a Jahovas Witness and answer the door in the nude.
posted on: 06-06-12 @ 12:27 AM