BBQ On My Mind

on 06.08.2012

I have a hobby that I absolutely love. It's making bbq. If I had to get up at 4 am for a regular job, or to take someone to the airport, I'd be pissed. But I have no fucking problem getting up at 4 am to light a grill to start smoking some meat. Maybe it's the playing with fire, or the drinking of beer near the grill that I like. I'm not sure, but I just enjoy doing it. One thing I'm sure of is that if I had to do it for a living it would probably be less appealing. This Father's Day I'm going to do 4 shoulders, so that should be a good time...(lots of beer) --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay, I don't know how u smoke, .gas, electric, or charcoal. I prefer charcoal and a few pieces of hickory ( preferably shagbark) . I cut and sell hickory for firewood and smoking wood. Be careful not to over smoke or you'll get a bitterness in the taste. Some other good wood is cherry, pecan, apple (any fruit) . If you own a chainsaw I recomend doing it yourself. We put our butts on at midnight and take them off at 12-14hrs later. I'm gonna do 2 shoulders on the 4th at Ky lake in Tn. We usually build a big bonfire and drink while we poke the fire and watch the smoker temp until we pass out. Its a necessity to drink while bbqing .
posted on: 06-08-12 @ 5:05 PM

Tis the season for BBQ’n. Many things that we cook indoors, can be adapted to the grill. Make pizza crusts, or purchase some, when the grill has calmed way down, make a pizza on the grill. Fish on the grill is awesome. Make some Jack Daniel’s glaze, or add some Jack to Sweet Baby Rays sauce for salmon and other fillet fish. Use the Morton’s cure and cure a boneless pork loin, then throw it on the grill, Carve it off for Canadian bacon style boneless chops. Season a flank steak up with Hidden Valley Italian dressing mix, let set two to three days covered in the fridge, cook to medium rare, slice very thin. YUM. While you’re eating, and before the fire is dead, throw some chocolate cake batter in some pans and set on the grill. By the time you’re done eating, it may be done cooking, and if you make home-made ice cream, well you have a good life.
posted on: 06-08-12 @ 7:01 PM

I rock the Cookshack Amerique. I know electric is the pussy way but my own small business, one 2 yr old and another new baby on the way and a family farm cuts into my time. When I do get time I fire up the old double barrel side by side smoker with some charcoal in the chimney to start then batch hickory over it as time and temps dictate. I am a big fan of apple wood with chicken but not so much with turkey(brine them birds!). Cherry gives a little flavor to green hams. Hickory is my way though. I am a big fan of rubs too. Making your own is great but in the short time I use Dizzy Pig. All their rubs are great. I even like their lemon pepper. You can buy their stuff online and they even have a sampler package. Dizzy dust goes great on most things but if your after some more heat swamp venom will bring it. I think I need to go thaw a few racks of ribs...
posted on: 06-08-12 @ 7:30 PM

ibought a whole ribeye rack at a local country market and gave 4.10 a lbs for it!1 its getting slow roasted over hickory and apple would and rubed down with masterpiece montreal steak rub. then i got a whole deer rump thats goin in the other barrel. gonna be a cager at my cave on the 4th. fuck those sissy ass hot dogs and hamburgers everyone else is eating!!
posted on: 06-08-12 @ 9:01 PM

Sounds like some piece of shit stories! Go fucking shoot the beast n butcher that fucker then fire that bitch up FAGS!
posted on: 06-09-12 @ 12:22 AM

Jay,drinking beer at 4am when you first get up,dam hoss.
posted on: 06-09-12 @ 12:59 AM

Dont make me pull out my fetcher. It always fetches my dinner, never gone more than 400 yards but my Weatherby Mark 5 in 7mm Weatherby mag is good to 1000. Or am I feeling sentimental and pull out the Rem 700 bolt in 30.06? Don’t get between a hillbilly and his dinner.
posted on: 06-09-12 @ 6:59 AM