What A Good Guy

on 06.14.2012

You can call me an ass kisser if you want, but the simple fact is, my boss is cooler than your boss. It's not even really like Jay is my boss, since I already knew him a few years before working with him. It's more like he's my friend that I help out by doing some work for him, and he helps me out by paying me. He's a solid dude and anytime I need a favor, he's there to hook it up. And he doesn't really bust my balls if I'm too hungover to do updates on time. He doesn't want me jacking off at work though. But other than that, he's good shit. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
ok, your an ass kisser, and hitler was cooler than my boss
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 2:21 PM

Jay D.
Thanks Adam for not spanking it at work!
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 2:30 PM

Two thumbs up for that post, Adam.
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 2:46 PM

Barf o Rama guys!...and your all going to call each other while Oprah is on too right?
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 4:21 PM

how to suck up at work and whats the best time to jerk off at work and not get caught? coming up next, on...."the view"
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 5:33 PM

nothin wrong with bro-mance . . j adam and kane are the shit, even tho j is a fat ugly mother fucker and adam is a closet ass bandit. . kane on the other hand is way to quiet .. this fucker is hiding some depraved shit ! im guessing you like small german rodents that say yes up your ass. . ya vole !
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 7:41 PM

Oh wow then make sure you can get him to join some swingers club so that you can share the wives.
posted on: 06-14-12 @ 10:10 PM

If you stop getting baby batter on the computers Jay might not care so much.
posted on: 06-15-12 @ 2:01 AM

Sounds like a blowjob invitation poem
posted on: 06-15-12 @ 3:53 AM