Happy Baby's Daddy Day!

on 06.17.2012

To all the "Baby Daddys" out there, happy day to you! We're having a BBQ at the beach this afternoon for Father's day. At least that's what Jay says it's about. I'm pretty sure it's just an excuse for us to eat some fine smoked pork and drink some beers. Oh, and ogle at the fine pussy that strolls along the beach-front here in south Florida. Me and Jay'll have our sons there, Adam's are still living in his balls, well at least he hasn't admitted to evicting them into some unlucky recipient. So how many of y'all think Adam's got a few illegitimates runnin around? How many of y'all what his illegitimates in you? If you think he does, let's get a count! Enjoy the fine Father's Day Pic bitches! --Henry M

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Adam H.
Pulling and praying since 1996 ;)
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 11:32 AM

i bet there are atleast a dozen asshole babys out there that look just like adam!!
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 1:01 PM

and another dozen trannys with a big smile on their face and his name on their asses! lmao
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 1:03 PM

I think Adam has at least 3 illegitimate kids named Rockin Ron, Bigtalk, and Iluvkitty. Then there’s a couple I’m pretty sure he inbred with his sister Feircepierce, numberonefan, and biggertalk.
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 1:18 PM

^Fuck yo grandma!
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 1:46 PM

With that pic wouldn't you just commit harikiri.
posted on: 06-17-12 @ 2:34 PM

It doesn’t take any skill to making a baby,the getto’s are living proof of that.Do the right thing and keep your litters small.
posted on: 06-18-12 @ 2:06 AM

Back on form spaulding, back on form +1
posted on: 06-18-12 @ 3:30 AM

I am confused by this. Catch me if im wrong, but isn’t it impossible to get a man pregnant from blowing it in his colon? I think adam is safe.
posted on: 06-18-12 @ 12:57 PM