What Y'all Think?

on 07.01.2012

So, I was informed the other day by one of the forum moderators that I had a fan in the forums. So on that note, what do y'all think of the job I'm doin here on the weekends? Other than the obvious re-posts that I've had here and there. What can I do to make the weekends better for y'all? Any creative criticisms for me? Don't get too carried away though, because I really don't give that much of a fuck. But I do give just the right amount of fuck. Let a cracka know what y'all think. --Henry M

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Stop being a fucking wigger.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 2:52 PM

You can stop saying "ya’ll" for fucking starters.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 3:53 PM

Its good to see another cracker posting crazy shit. I think you do a great job Henry. It gets a little dark on the weekdays. I think Adam (or is it Leroy)hates his own race a bit much. Must have been raised by Ale Sharpton or rabid monkeys and obviously never looks in the mirror. Come back to us Adam ....................
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 4:10 PM

You are the best. Or not whatever!
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 4:40 PM

when the fuck did you get back ?
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 4:41 PM

Ban big fag and light faggot for starters, and speak like a ’white’ person.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 5:30 PM

I agree with 1 + 2.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 5:31 PM

^^^^ If you think really really hard you might be able to come up with your own funny...oh never mind.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 5:34 PM

Maybe give NOF a courtesy reach around every now and then Or better yet shake Bigtalk out of his tree.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 6:13 PM

More gay Vietnamese butt fucking does for most members on here nowadays i’m sure...
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 7:16 PM

again you dont know your fan base do you henry your asking dimwits you should do what you think is best for the site and when you do these crakas will crap all over it
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 7:27 PM

henry do you think you could find it in the kindness of your heart to go and get your great big fucking ban hammer and smash the fuck outta the guy above me? i sure would be oblidged and appreciate it a whole lot. thanks ever so much. and god bless you and all the crazyshit staff.
posted on: 07-01-12 @ 8:51 PM

I personally don’t know why Jay hired you,my guess is Adam is to fucking lazy.Just kidding guys ya’ll are doing a fine job.
posted on: 07-02-12 @ 12:47 AM

A weekend moderator to make things better? free beer would def make it better!
posted on: 07-02-12 @ 10:38 PM