Ending A Workplace Fling

on 07.03.2012

A friend of mine hooked up with some chick he works with, which he knew wasn't the best idea from the beginning, but he showed me some pictures of her big, black titties and firm, round ass, so I can't say I blame him. Anyway, as expected, a couple months later, he's quite sick of her and all her shit, so he's trying to figure out how to end it without it causing too much drama in the workplace. I think he's taking the route of ignoring her after sex and just being cold in general, hoping she decides she's had enough of his neglect and moves on. And if not, at least he still gets to bang her and ignore her. What would you do? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I think he should marry her and have children.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 3:03 PM

WOMEN!!!!!!.........only good for RAPE!!
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 3:05 PM

if he think he’s going to breakup with a black woman and not get drama he’s in for a shock
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 3:05 PM

Get him to hook you up for a threesome before they go their separate ways. If the ass is good, treat her to Popeye’s. She’ll leave your buddy for you. Then when you dump her ass, she won’t give your buddy any shit about their breakup.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 4:01 PM

Id show her this website and tell her its the greatest thing ever,.....if she’s an earthling..she’ll split.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 4:23 PM

Where does this friend work, a strip club? Also is your friend black? Here’s what you do if you want to get rid of a black female. Every time you go to fuck her from behind, stick it in her ass instead. Then get tested for every std you can think of.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 5:09 PM

he should tell her he’s a strict jew and that if they want this relationship to go further, she has to become jewish and change her name to Esther
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 5:24 PM

if she is black he can tell her he wants to have roll play sex and tell her he wants to be the massa and she has to be the field slave. then just when shit gets good tell her field slaves cant fuck massa and have a black hooker walk into the room naked and say " house nigga is here to service massa!" if the dudes not dead in the morning then he just pays the hooker and throws what ever shit his girlfriend left behind when she left last night out the front door. problem solved.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 6:46 PM

Kane your a cunt ! i like it . .keep it up. . but my serious answer would be - tell her your a racist mother fucker and the only thing you want to stab her with aint your dick .. if she ok with that then bury the fat ugly bitch in the back yard. . .
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 7:35 PM

He can always play the "I just discovered I’m gay" routine. I heard that works.
posted on: 07-03-12 @ 11:34 PM

Tell Henry to drop her back on the street corner where he found her.
posted on: 07-04-12 @ 1:12 AM

This sounds like the plot for the new "Madea" fucking movie
posted on: 07-04-12 @ 1:41 AM