He Ain't Fooling Anybody

on 07.06.2012

So the guy who sent his girlfriend's tits, which were posted today, is the same guy who keeps sending pictures of his dick. He's even sent a couple videos, which I might post to piss you guys off sometime in the future. It's kind of funny because he tries to trick us by putting boobs in the subject, and then the picture is his dick. He ain't fooling me though. But I don't know what his fascination with having people see his dick is. Hammer some nails in it or hook it up to your car battery, and then send it to us. This is crazyshit.com, not heyeverybodylookatmydick.com --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
He is the same trickster as you Adam, hannnnnnnng on! it is you Adam!
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 11:51 AM

Yup,Adam saves the dick shit for himself, we all knew that shit already,fag!
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 12:23 PM

There are members that will look for that website Adam, LOL
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 12:57 PM

so how did you find that web site adam? were you looking for it. must be you know it well since you know its nothing but dick pics..
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 1:17 PM

really adam? your got something to say about a guy with a fasination for dicks, you hypocrite
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 2:04 PM

nativenatas is the one posting his dick pictures, he is a FAG
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 3:19 PM

Adam H.
Once again, Lenny, you prove that your reading comprehension skills are remedial at best?
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 3:22 PM

"It’s kind of funny because he tries to trick us by putting boobs in the subject, and then the picture is his dick. He ain’t fooling me though." That devilish dog adam, you showed him. What is love?.. baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me.. no more SUCK IT!
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 3:57 PM

many of the pics on the front page suggests this is a gay website.
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 4:43 PM

Hey Adam,I know a good hit man for this punk,you just say the word.
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 10:56 PM

heyeverybodylookatmydick would make a lot of money.
posted on: 07-06-12 @ 10:58 PM

australasian That is some strong shit you must be smoking there mate.
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 10:30 AM

hahahahaha good on you mate, by the way you never went back to answer warfighter64 on your do English etc thread, how come ??
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 10:51 AM

cartoon noise " Wub wub wub warrrrrrrr"
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 11:19 AM