Fuck Today!

on 07.07.2012

Man, I got up early today at my ladies place and came back to my place to get all the updates done for y'all nice and early. I thought I had all the shit lined up properly...boy was I fuckin wrong. Had a few reposts that I somehow didn't find when I searched, had some technical issues over here, etc... blah blah blah.... But anyhow, I got shit sorted out for y'all. Sorry about today's fuck ups. Now I'm gonna go relieve some stress at the gun range and probably hit the gun show for some more toys. --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
nice work Henry..... you fucking bald lesbian y’all.
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 1:57 PM

You should be back at your ladies place relieving the stress Henry.
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 2:08 PM

y’all bitches y’all, and while y’all going to y’all gun show bitches y’all, make sure y’all that y’all stay out of y’all trouble.. . Y’all.
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 2:49 PM

And unless your 2 eyes are on the side of your temple like Picasso’s paintings, put your fucking hat on straight. Y’all.
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 2:50 PM

omg now we got a redneck wigger workin at crazyshit! whats next jews and gooks?
posted on: 07-07-12 @ 6:08 PM

technical issues? *snicker*
posted on: 07-08-12 @ 3:15 AM