Lost Socks

on 07.10.2012

Where do socks go when they get lost in the laundry? Is there some alternate universe, like the land of lost socks, where they all congregate and live in a feet free world? I'm guessing they want to escape all the fungus covered toes and cheese smelling feet. It has to be one of life's greatest mysteries. I guess we'll never know for sure. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
the fucking cat keeps stealing mine, found her stash under the bed
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 2:22 PM

^ Let me guess the cat’s name is lenny?
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 2:42 PM

Unless your boyfriend is stealing them to jack off in, I can’t see how you could mysteriously lose your socks unless you’re a fucking retard.
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 2:43 PM

@ assclown is that what your mom said when she pulled the stocking out your drunk ass at the front door!
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 2:46 PM

I ejaculate into my socks then throw them away, I buy a lot of socks every day.
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 3:03 PM

@native Do you have a sock fetish or something?
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 3:03 PM

@stink What a waste of socks, I hear they have a shortage of socks in those hobo clothes bins.
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 3:06 PM

Ren&Stimpy answered that question in the episode "black hole"
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 4:41 PM

noone knows for sure ,,, it is a mystery
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 5:45 PM

I KNOW !. . i have spent literally seconds researching this ! the PAIR of socks goes into the washing machine. . . but during the wash cycle.. one sock turns into a small spoon. . and when you wash up dishes ( i mean she ) washes up dishes. . the sock travels thru time and space and becomes a small spoon in the bottom of the washing up bowl. . even tho you ( i mean she ) has checked it several times. . this is what happens. . maybe . . not. .
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 7:40 PM

i think jay throws one off in them when your at work !!!
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 9:05 PM

Sometimes my sheets and pants disappear while I’m sleeping.
posted on: 07-10-12 @ 9:45 PM

usually means the dryers felt around the drum is fucked up. or could be all of the above
posted on: 07-11-12 @ 12:16 AM

theres a rubber flap in the front of my front load washer that the socks fall into and sit there out of sight took 2 months to find the damn sock by that time i threw the other out
posted on: 07-11-12 @ 12:23 AM

Your sock is in hiding after seeing what you did to your other socks aahahh aahhhhh *squirt*.
posted on: 07-11-12 @ 12:35 AM