Who Loves Feet?

on 07.18.2012

Do you have a foot fetish? That's one thing I just don't quite understand, and I know it's a real common one. Personally, as long as her feet aren't all dirty and crusty and stinky, I couldn't give a shit about them. I've even shot for a foot fetish site before, and it was just bizarre. The chicks being naked was cool, but their feet were of no interest to me. Anybody out there care to discuss and add some clarity to this topic? I suppose I'm just curious. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 2:16 PM

In this order, Pussy Mouth Ass Tits She can use her feet for getting up after i shoot a load on her face and hair and go to the kitchen and make my damn sammich!
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 2:35 PM

Maybe you should start a thread in the forums.............oh, yea,
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 3:46 PM

is this gonna be the new forums from now on ??????.......pretty shit if it is.
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 5:16 PM

I need to post soon. Knees to chest rocking "the forums are coming the forums are coming."
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 8:22 PM

fuck the forums never had a use to hang out there i have a real life beyond crazyshit. not much of one but real none the less.
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 9:00 PM

Here’s my take on the subject. Breasts are normally covered in public. Ass and vigina are normally covered in public. If people walked around totally nude all the time then boobs, ass, and viginas would lose their "luster". I think that is why some have a love for feet. They are also normally covered so they hold some mystery and, yes, a fetish! My take only folks. Peace all!
posted on: 07-18-12 @ 10:49 PM

^So you’re saying chicks would stop getting raped if they kept their clothes off?
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 2:45 AM

It seems to me that more WOMEN are into the feet. I’ve been accused of having a foot fetish, because of my strange habit of stealing shoes, but it’s really women who have the foot fetish that encourages me to steal their hooker heels and throw them out the window. Think about it. . .go into a shoe store. . .you have 2 shelves of men’s shoes and 12 shelves of women’s. Amen
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 2:58 AM

Feet are fucking nasty...IMO
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 9:33 AM

@rockinron. You don’t go to the forums, because you don’t have the intellectual capacity to keep up with anything being discussed. Just because you make a witty comment here and there in the pg doesn’t make you smart. Try actually following along with an intellectual conversation and contributing a valid point of view rather than typing a one liner about a picture or video.
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 11:57 AM

Assclown with reasoning like that I see how you got your name! How the hell do you get "rape" out of what I said? I was just saying that it’s whatever is hidden is what turns people on. That’s why ALL gynecologists are GAY! How on earth do they get turned on?!
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 12:06 PM

i dig feet
posted on: 07-19-12 @ 11:55 PM