Driving In Rio

on 08.02.2012

Driving in Rio is pretty crazy, that's for sure, but they have that shit down to a fine working system. Basically you do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't really disturb the flow of traffic. Drive on the line between lanes, run red lights, turn left from the right hand lane, or whatever you have to do. I didn't see one accident and I didn't see anybody even get pissed off. Everyone is on the same page, so it's actually pretty fucking cool. Then I got back in Florida and immediately frustrated with dumbass drivers. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
thats because in rio you know every 3rd car is a tranny. and in the florida its every 30th car
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 2:41 PM

must’ve seen plenty of transexual prostitutes on street corners.
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 2:54 PM

Old Florida people suck ass. So does their driving.
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 5:49 PM

Yada,yada, you driving you way to fixing the forums yet?
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 7:15 PM

surely you got tempted to pull over...
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 10:32 PM

I love the fact they use kilometers instead of mph! Just seeing the "110 kph" is fun"! I few years back they had NO load limits for trucks! It was crazy! If a trucks fell over they(the closest neighborhood) would pay people to reload by hand. It’s almost like the "oklahoma land rush" everyday!
posted on: 08-02-12 @ 10:40 PM