Lightning Stirkes

on 08.13.2012

What's the closest you've ever seen lightning strike? I was walking to my car in a downpour yesterday, and I saw a bolt touch ground about 75 yards away. That's close enough to make your ass cheeks clinch up a bit. Another time I was on my balcony and seen a tree about 50 feet from me get it. I could feel the electricity in the air that time. Mother Nature is one powerful bitch! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
The closest I ever got to getting electrocuted, was once I was having sex with a sheep and the cunt nearly touched the electric fence.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 2:21 PM

Was smoking a joint on my parents porch and when i handed it to my buddy i watched lightning hit a tree about 50 ft. away. Instant thunder. You could see grass fly up in the air when it hit the ground. When walk up to the tree when the storm was over and there was a dead squirrel and a couple birds. Squirrels whiskers were singed up to his nose
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 2:40 PM

I was tazed in a van fucking a milfto n she pissed, shitted, n cummed all at once! But my dick felt like a horse red rocket!
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 2:42 PM

N she felt the tazer, bitch isnt thr same!
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 2:47 PM

@adam you are racist to nature
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 2:51 PM

i can’t change my avy then, gay
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 3:03 PM

been struck twice no bullshit. 1st tim was in 1996 my car was struck. the guy in front of me’s car took a direct hit and a bolt from that hit my antenna on my car smoking my radio and the brain in my car. the second time was 2002 lightening hit my house while i was asleep. there as a exstension cord around the leg of the bed and the leg was metal, the bolt hit the power line and came into the house my foot was on the footboard of the bed which was metal and the shock damn near made me shit and piss myself. my leg felt like it was onfire for 20 minutes. lost my wiring harness in my house and fucked my bose radio and my furnace and TV. lightening sucks ass!!
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 3:16 PM

Was running a road grader on a county road and lightning vaporized a yucca cactus about 20 feet off my left front tire. Too close to even hear thunder, but left a weird taste in my mouth for about half an hour.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 3:52 PM

adam did you ever think that god was just trying to kill you and missed
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 5:03 PM

Got struck 3 weeks ago, sorta. It hit the fifth floor of a hotel I was building. 5 of us got hit. I walked away not injured.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 5:05 PM

Hey "2inda"! What did the sheep have to do with the cunt?
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 5:52 PM

My ex-wife would shoot bolts of lightning out her eyes when she pissed on the rag........very frighting,..I just kept my head down and away from the house.,.,.,.,.,,.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 6:48 PM

I got a nice shagbark hickory tree that got struck last summer . When it hit every leaf and nut blew off like an explosion. Now I'm gonna have a shit load of lightning kissed hickory cooking/smoking wood mostly seasoned.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 6:51 PM

One night I was in the forums when lightning must’ve struck them and killed them. RIP old friend.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 7:54 PM

^^^Yea everything died.... except for the cockroach he’s still here
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 8:06 PM

Was fishing once and got caught in a thunderstorm. The boat was aluminum and my buddy was freaking out. I had just split the sheets with first wife and didnt give a fuck. I started waving a graphite rod in the air saying "hit me". Lightning hit in the back of the cove and i thru my rod down and got the fuck out of there.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 9:05 PM

We can always hope for a johnny d direct hit.
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 9:15 PM

When I was a wee lad I noticed a scary front coming over. I went outside to take a pictures of it. My brother and I were on our front porch for 15-20 seconds when a bolt hit a tree in our yard. Someone said something about instant lighting which happened here. Also I heard it "crackle" which scared the crap out of me. I also "saw" the bolt for a few days when I closed my eyes. I guess it was imprinted on my retina(sp?) I think I have the picture I took that day. If the forums come back I’ll scan it and put it up here. It’s pretty awesome! Peace all!
posted on: 08-13-12 @ 10:32 PM

Last year When I was called to a forest fire on an island from a lightening strike lol , on our way out on the lake with the fire boat the boat was struck with 8 guys on the boat , no one was injured because we were all wearing our turnout gear which you wear boots that are rubber and made for getting close to downed power lines, but the boat was dead in the water motor fried and so did all electronics , luckily the other rescue boat came to rescue us lol weird shit man
posted on: 08-14-12 @ 2:09 AM

Does greased lightning count?...not the gay Travolta kind either...
posted on: 08-14-12 @ 3:40 AM

There was a man from degrass whose balls were out of brass he clanged 'em together, they made stormy weather and lightning would shoot out of his ass
posted on: 08-14-12 @ 4:40 AM