Thieving Ass Mother Fuckers

on 08.16.2012

I went to pay my car insurance bill, and come to find out that there is only a few dollars in my bank account. That didn't make any sense cause I know I had plenty of money yesterday. So I go to the bank and find out I'm the 10th customer who's had this problem in the last two days. Turns out some dickback fuckhole put a "skimmer" on the ATM and stole my card information. Then he went to Delray Beach and spent all my money. Fortunately for me, I don't trust banks, so I keep some funds nearby just in case. I sure would like to get a hold of that no good son of bitch though. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
It was probably someone from the forums.
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 2:29 PM

How much of the VIP money did you lose, you fucking loser? hahaha
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 2:29 PM

Now gaydam will cut off the dick of that guy and wear it around his neck for the rest of his life
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 2:33 PM

that really happens? all this time i been telling my wife that same thing everytime i clean out the account on hookers and casino’s!
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 2:39 PM

What did the dude spend your $2 on ???? .....a cheap hooker I fucking hope.
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 3:13 PM

I got my credit card cloned once. when I told my missus, the stupid cow said "that's great, but why do need two credit cards?"
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 3:30 PM

It’s the banks problem. not yours. They allowed someone to put it on there. If they wont replace your funds, move your account. Plus the device is easy to spot. Pay attention GOD DAMMIT!
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 3:31 PM

some fuckhead just stole the tailgate off my pickup 1500$ part to get it new ! like to kill some one right now!
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 4:37 PM

i hear ya injun . . i had a wheel stolen of my van. just one wheel, the thing is, is they replaced my wheel for there wheel with a bald tyre. . ???
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 4:44 PM

oh and adam i hope you get your welfare money replaced. .
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 4:59 PM

i guess he should have read the sign on your wallet and raped you instead
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 6:18 PM

now thats fuckin funny lenny!!
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 8:21 PM

A fool and his money are soon parted.
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 8:26 PM

I feel your pain. Some lowlife son of a bitch got me like that 2 weeks ago
posted on: 08-16-12 @ 10:52 PM

How could you not spot the skimmer? It’s been a while since i’ve seen one but from what I remember they’d be easy to see.,.,.,.,.,.
posted on: 08-17-12 @ 2:26 AM

Did you lose your purse too fag!
posted on: 08-17-12 @ 4:10 AM