Sunday As Fuck!

on 08.19.2012

Well, I'm sitting here with morning breath and stinky nuts, half awake....at best, coffee's a brewing! Getting all these here updates done early for y'all so I can do other shit today! Ha! I really ain't got nothing to say to you fuckers...other than what's posted in the content descriptions. Let me try and squeeze something out...OH YEAH! We are having a boob shortage and if they don't start coming in, then the user dicks go up! We get at least two dicks a day for bigtalk. Buncha honkies be lovin bigtalk. You're doing something right, my man, you got white dudes swooning over you. See, all I needed was to get started and now you guys can have an internet royal-rumble. And ladies, please send us your boobs! I'm tired of opening emails and finding dicks! They just don't do it for me, tgarner appreciates them though. --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
All I want to know is do you know your nuts stink?
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 9:48 AM

Please reframe thy urge of gayness and bury all thoughts of posting user dicks.,.,.,.,.,,.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 9:49 AM

Fucking horse raped my uncle bob, so I went and rode that fucking horse til it's ass fell out.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 11:17 AM

you been hangin around adam way to much dude
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 11:25 AM

Henry, you must not mind looking at dicks with all the dick grow pills advertising on this site .
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 12:11 PM

Hmmmm....your nuts stink..tell me, who chewed them? Your dog or adam?
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 12:26 PM

It’s like how Obama became Prez. Half of you looses like dick.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 1:32 PM

of course they send dick pics for bigtalk, everyone knows adam loves dicks
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 2:49 PM

Adam posted my big cock on the site after telling me free forums n vip for life! Fucking FAG! Forums r big cock trolls! Reply with your gay, fag replies, FAGGOTS!!
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 3:40 PM

Yet you have no VIP! LOL!
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 4:19 PM

Henry M.
How do I know my nuts stink? What the fuck kinda question is that? I did some yoga and tea-bagged my self! What the fuck do you think? I woke up, made some coffee, sat down at my desk, in my boxers, and the smell of manhood wafted up into my nostrils. Plus, I probably scratched em at some point and did a sniff check. Scratch-n-sniff, it’s for when you can get your nose close enough!
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 5:20 PM

lenny’s delusional ass thinks that I’m Jay
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 6:07 PM

lenny said you are gay not jay.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 6:22 PM

no learn to read cletus he said jay.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 6:56 PM

its your lie biggertalk tell it any way you want. please continue rodgtard your on a roll.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 6:57 PM

cockinron I gotta give you props though, at least you aren’t quite as sad as lenny to the point where he had to make an account to troll me. But you’re stil pretty fucking sad.
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 7:01 PM

Look you fuckers, You can repost Pics and videos over and over so how about reposting user boobs. Lot better than looking at some dudes dick!
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 8:10 PM

I think Henry has an obsession with black cock
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 9:33 PM

y’all sending shit that no one wants to see plus its stupid and gay yup that screams honky
posted on: 08-19-12 @ 11:38 PM

posted on: 08-20-12 @ 7:36 AM

Where did the word honky come from? Do whites honk their horns allot?
posted on: 08-20-12 @ 11:32 PM