on 08.26.2012

That's right, today's phase is "fo'sho!" Short for, for sure. Used conversationally it looks like this: Adam: Shadowarior is a fucking retard! Henry: Fo'sho! He can't even put shadow and warrior together. Adam: True! See, not only do you get a quality of entertainment from Crazyshit through pictures, videos, and member dialogue, but you also get to learn valuable grammar lessons and proper conversational usage. Now with that said.... I hope you fuckers had a good weekend! I sure as fuck did. I especially enjoyed reading yesterday's blog comments. Whenever I lose faith in the human kind, I read through the PG just to affirm my loss of faith. I love you guys, really, I do...with all my heart! Keep it crazy bitches! --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Its my new account cuz i just can’t log into my older one
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 1:47 PM

Btw henry your captions suck. Adam’s captions are way much funnier than your’s and that also in perfect english
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 1:55 PM

i think henry wants to blow the peanut gallery.
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 2:11 PM

Henry, when you are trying to prove that someone is a idiot you really, really need to be careful. It behooves the person doing the insulting to refrain from doing the very thing that the person being insulted does. Especially during the insult. Using "spell check" will only bail you out if a word is no word at all. Unfortunately for you "phase" is. Sorry dude! You’re a cool dude and all but just not that cool! We all mess shit up. EVERYBODY! Just have someone proofread it in times such as this.
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 5:31 PM

I thought (lord)fosho was a black dude from Ohio?
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 6:20 PM

Fucking grammar nazi. This is the internet and nobody gives a fuck.
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 7:10 PM

yes cs its nice like this no childish ranting back and forth or racist hate "god i hate that shit" to bad its over tomorrow just remember leave a comment not a comeback after lame comeback after lame gay comeback at least make it... wait i forgot to whom i was talking to whites FO’SHO1
posted on: 08-26-12 @ 9:16 PM

posted on: 08-26-12 @ 10:16 PM

what ever happened to onetime42 and massiveballs, lots of funny fuckers missing
posted on: 08-27-12 @ 6:33 AM

Hey sin! Long time..... What’s up with your post? Yea good question poida! Not real familiar with onetime42 but massiveballs was definitely funny! Hey MB, where IS you?!?!
posted on: 08-27-12 @ 11:02 AM