I Likes Em' All Natural

on 09.11.2012

Being a lover of natural breasts, it always hurts a little deep inside when I see a porn star I enjoy caressing my package to, get an unnecessary boob job. I remember when I was young and two of my favorite whores, Tori Wells and Racquel Darrian ruined their tits. More recently, Jenny Hendrix and Rebecca Linares made their previously flawless tits over sized, immovable, and just plain ridiculous looking. I know there are tons more, and each one brings a tear to my eye. Silly cokehead sluts. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 12:34 PM

Check out minkaxxx. Asian chick with the worst boobjob ever.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 12:53 PM

Agreed my man. Fake tits are overrated. I prefer b cups low c cups. Its all about the lips...fuck a meat curtain.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 1:18 PM

Adam, the type of porn stars you enjoy I've never even heard of the dudes names hahaha
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 1:27 PM

we should remember those titties on thi fateful day. never forget.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 2:22 PM

Rockinron...you're so cool...-1 all my comments...you social reject...for a 45 year old you have the maturity level of a 3 year old Samoan.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 2:48 PM

^is he dead yet?^
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 2:54 PM

id like to officially let bigtalk and bigger talk know , i release you i never will neg you again for being nigs. but i will neg you from time to time for stupid posts when you make them, just like i’d neg everyone else. i found 2 other members that are more worthy of being considered the 2 biggest dumb fucks on crazyshit or quite possibly the world. bigtalk and biggertalk, in my eyes you have moved up in the world. have a great day!!
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 2:56 PM

Adam H.
You best change your comments up tomorrow, rockinron, or there will be consequences.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 3:06 PM

posted on: 09-11-12 @ 3:32 PM

Women should not have volleyball’s for bewbs.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 3:48 PM

i would rather see no tits than fake tits was watching a porno where all you could see is scarring and when she leaned down like a huge ass crater in the side boob
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 4:12 PM

Fucking low self esteem whores. As if a boob job will increase the duration of your career, you still be getting old bitch!
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 4:50 PM

Oh no ron consequences, adam is going to send you one of his gay porno videos for free. After this free vip thing I’d be worried.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 6:04 PM

so what you are saying is you think the other stuff i used to post is funny? or is my sick sense of exspressing myself thru reputitous reverberation getting on your nerves due to lack of museing exspression by your sense of taste? kinda like 2indastink and his goats, only my reverberation applys with little or no change to any and all bland over posted lemming like videos on CS. so basicly im being told by gorky park this is not a place for free speech or exspression and i hafta stop and be funny or i am gonna be banned. is that what your telling me? if so i’d like to say i think my limited posts are reoccuringly funny as hell due to there simplicity and how easly they got on everyones nerves. so who wants me to continues the dumb shit act and blow off steam like i used to? and who likes the real me that posted this comment. i can act the sociopath comedic moron, or just be my real self. what do you want adam.?
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 8:52 PM

I agree.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 9:32 PM

Not so Crazy any more is it.
posted on: 09-11-12 @ 10:30 PM

God Adam just come out of the closet already.
posted on: 09-12-12 @ 2:43 AM

i just love women some colors of women more than others
posted on: 09-12-12 @ 3:55 AM

I hate fake tits too. there should be some kind of jail sentence for women that do this to their bodies
posted on: 09-12-12 @ 9:16 PM