It's There For A Reason

on 09.14.2012

Do you use your turn signal when driving? If not, you're a piece of fucking shit and I hope someone drags you out of your car and beats you fucking senseless. You're a danger to everyone else on the road and you should go fuck yourself. Have a wonderful day! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I agree completely. I’m sick of waiting to turn only to find the asshole coming makes a right on the street I’m on.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 2:08 PM

I always thought BMW drivers didn’t indicate because they were arrogant - It turns out that indicators are just another optional extra though.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 2:09 PM

was that you behind me last night? well fuck i shoulda laid on my brakes!!!
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 2:13 PM

It’s gonna be alright brah.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 2:41 PM

Henry M.
I’m with you 100% bro! I fuckin hate people that don’t use turn signals. In addition to them, the people that use their hazards when it rains can go fuck themselves too. Learn the rules of the road and learn to drive you pieces of shit!
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 3:05 PM

thats my biggest hate ! and henry you have a massive hand !
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 3:31 PM

People driving are idiots. No turn signals, breaking at the last minute, or my favorite cutting across every lane of traffic because your exit is coming up. Fucking ass holes
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 3:38 PM

I frequently pull a horse trailer and the fucking people that stop short in front of me or cut me off is unreal. Panic stops are not healthy to the animals. Pisses me off too and I carry a gun.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 4:27 PM

Even though I’m wondering what brought this post on I am in agreeance with ya’! My biggest complaint is just slightly different than zealant’s. When waiting and waiting for a clean avenue of traffic I hate it, I mean HATE IT when someone is going to turn but doesn’t use their blinker to let me know. Then the waiting continues! It’s just another sign that the world is all about "me" instead of thinking of others.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 5:25 PM

That’s one on the reasons I like driving on country roads. I don’t have to deal with other drivers!
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 9:58 PM

I concur...mother fuckers that do that shit get people killed....its mass murder worldwide.
posted on: 09-14-12 @ 11:07 PM

Slow drivers in the fast lane refusing to yeild.
posted on: 09-15-12 @ 3:41 AM

You think that’s bad? Try being a pedestrian when these pieces of shit decide not to use blinkers. Say you’ve been standing on the corner waiting for a break in traffic to cross the street. Some dick at the light isn’t using his blinker, and isn’t paying attention when you start to cross..BAM. Hit by a prick in a prius. I’ve been hit by fuckers that way a time or two. buncha pricks.
posted on: 09-15-12 @ 5:13 AM

I say they should replace all turn signals with dash cams. It won't bother me cause I will just sit at home the rest of my life watching wrecks
posted on: 09-15-12 @ 8:26 AM

I hate when people pace close behind while I’m speeding just so they won’t get a speeding ticket . Then when I slow down they slow down too.
posted on: 09-15-12 @ 11:48 AM