Take It Down

on 09.19.2012

Something that happens fairly often, which is pretty lame, is that people will send us pictures of themselves and then shortly after we post them, they email us to take them down. I don't get it. Do they really lack the foresight to see that posting naked pictures of themselves on the worldwide web might not be the best idea? Either you want them up, or you don't. It's really not that hard to figure out. This cocksucker used to do it all the time, but mostly it's chicks that are guilty of it. No surprise there. On a related note, we could use some user tits, so write CS on your boobs and send us pictures. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
All I see is yall faggots obsessed over a skylerblue character, always need someone to drool over. Also to all the females out there, don’t defile your tits with CS, ASSCLOWN is a much better brand.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 2:24 PM

What happened to my nigga skyler? Niggas on here were hatin’ on him, I think he might just make a comeback. And ladies please put "property of biggertalk" on your boobs next time. No fat chicks.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 2:57 PM

^^^ha, if that happens i will listen to bieber songs all day long while playing CoD
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 3:08 PM

Never heard take it down,i have heard " take it out it`s too big! " many times but only when i asked the ex what i was doing wrong in our sexlife she said " use your head" so i did! bitch never stopped complaining!
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 3:50 PM

Was it krull? She appeared then dissapeared pretty quick. I just thought that 2inda must have married her and then surgically altered her dna so she was a goat/manitee hybrid.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 6:43 PM

Big deal you taking them down. The pics instantly get copied and re posted on a dozen other sites.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 8:02 PM

If you got tha real good tits and you know it. Put lightfighter on them. You know how picky I am hoes so you better bring your fucking A game. What's up biggertalk. You big ole pimp.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 8:45 PM

what the fuck lightfighter you been deployed or what? you been scarce around here for the last few months.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 10:43 PM

Nahhhhhh Ron unfortunately no. Just been busy with Army shit. I've been trying to keep these fat user tit bitches in line as best I can tho. I know you'll always catch my slack tho.
posted on: 09-19-12 @ 10:56 PM

Vip rockingag must be be a keyboard pimp!
posted on: 09-20-12 @ 7:45 AM