Crazyshit Hotline!

on 09.22.2012

Man, we've gotten quite a few calls on the Crazyshit hotline since Adam's post yesterday. So keep em coming, we'll pick the best ones for the WICS. Also, I ain't seen any user-boobs floating around lately...I know we got some female users that are lookers. So share your tits with us! Write Crazyshit on em and send-em in! We want to see them and so do the other members! So, pay it forward ladies, bring out the sweater-puppets! Enjoy your weekend, BITCHES! -- Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What happened to the picture of the Necro you posted this morning? Was that TOO crazyshit?
posted on: 09-22-12 @ 11:32 AM

stop asking for user tits henry. women don’t wanna show their tits to guys that look like chester the molester, leave the user tit requests to adam and jay.
posted on: 09-22-12 @ 2:03 PM

Is your refrigerator running?
posted on: 09-22-12 @ 6:25 PM