No More Please

on 10.01.2012

I sure can't wait for election day to come and go. Not because I give a shit who wins, or even that I believe the American people actually get to decide who wins. That's just plain silly. No, I'm just incredibly sick of seeing the same shitty campaign commercials every fucking time I want to watch a youtube video. Can't they just skip all the bullshit and put whichever asshole they already decided was going to win in office, and let me get back to watching commercials for boner pills and McDonald's? I'm Adam H, and I approve this message.

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
holy shit adam!! finally someone that belieave’s like i do!! we have not elected a president in this cuntry since reagan was president!!! congress or whoever dose the hiring has picked our presidents for close to 35 years now!! we are just lead to belieave we have a say in things. its all a bunch of crap!! and this nov, i wont be voteing at all. fuck the nigger on the trigger, he has turned into a socialist and wants to turn our cuntry into asocialist country. and fuck romney he only wants to sell us off to the highest bidder(china) and make his money and leave!! just like bush light did. so WASHINGTON YOU CAN KISS MY ASS! i want nothing to do with the government anymore. and when that big rush comes and everyone heads for D.C. with blood in their eyes you can bet , my fat ass and my M-4 will be going with them. FACT
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 11:02 AM

Just download the Ad-Block add on for your browser. No more ads. Come on Adam, get with the times.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 12:19 PM

So true...dictatorship disguised as a fake fucking democracy
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 12:30 PM

George Carlin said it best: I have a list of rules to life. Number one). Never believe anything the government says.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 12:40 PM

get ready for FEMA camps, I am serious. lol.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 1:32 PM

look who’s back, who fucking missed me???.........I sure fucking did. The reason for my absence has something to do with a goat, some rope and a fucking good time.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 3:31 PM

posted on: 10-01-12 @ 4:37 PM

2indastink so what your saying is ya finally got caught fucking your goat in the park. right?
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 7:19 PM

CIVIL UNREST is well on its way... Stock up on ammo and get ready to love thy neighbor, cus when your money is worth the paper its printed on, thy neighbor will be the first knocking on your back door.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 9:51 PM

2indastink,don’t lie to us,you did a stay in the gray bar hotel.Like rockinron said ya got caught for fucking your goat in the park next to the playground.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 10:09 PM

@ azzholee; been ready for years.
posted on: 10-01-12 @ 10:10 PM

Got that right like my dad said don’t trust any of them motherfuckers from washington. And I mean trust none of them.
posted on: 10-02-12 @ 12:00 AM

Fuck you all. If you ain’t voting for Obama youz a mother fucking racist! Vote for barrack and you can just sit on your fat black asses and collect free Obama phones and buy medical marijuana with your food stamps.
posted on: 10-02-12 @ 12:28 AM

Shit..if it weren’t for Obama, people with Pre-sxisting conditions wouldn’t be able to get health insurance. This was leaving people unable to pay hospital bills, thus driving up debt. Now that ~everyone~ is capable of getting health insurance, maybe the national debt will drop a little and we’ll get our Triple A rating back?
posted on: 10-02-12 @ 8:47 AM