Family Football Feud

on 10.08.2012

There is one thing that can make football more exciting to watch than betting on the actual game. That's bragging rights. If it is inside your family, then it's bragging rights times 100. My in-laws are all from Philly and I'm from Pittsburgh, which, made for a very tense game. I don't want to see their asses showing up at my house for Thanksgiving with Eagles shirts and those shit eating grins on their faces. Fuck no! After the Steelers win over the Eagles, now guess who's wearing his jersey and shit eating grin? That's right me! I'm rubbing that game in every chance I get! And I won some bets too! My mother-in-law owes me a case of beer! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
My Houston Texans play tonight. Jets are going to feel the Wattage. 5-0 baby!!!!!!! Hey Jay, What should I wager Gaydam when the Texans play Greenbay next sunday the 14th ???
posted on: 10-08-12 @ 12:44 PM

STEELER NATION FOREVER!!! i rememeber watchin the gratest season of football ever, the 1978 steelers season. football has never been that good since!!
posted on: 10-08-12 @ 12:54 PM

Fuckin broncos! They not giving me reason to brag n boast. The d needs to step up against quality opponents
posted on: 10-08-12 @ 2:48 PM

People still watch that gay ass gridiron? mayne gtfo with that shit!
posted on: 10-08-12 @ 3:17 PM

Eh don’t care much for the steelers other than zingy hood 96 I played ball in high school with that big bastard :)
posted on: 10-08-12 @ 9:08 PM