Anchors Aweigh!

on 10.09.2012

So, from what I've read about "Damn, that's a big anchor," the guy apologized. For what? I'll never know. Is this what this country has become? An ever-apologetic politically-correct liberal cesspool? Man, when I was in the Corps, if you were a fat-ass you were made fun of, because you were in the Physical Conditioning Platoon, PCP, also know as Pork-Chop Platoon. But, my fellow Marines that we're too heavy had "real" thick-skin, and took the abuse cause there's standards in place for a reason. And that shit's motivation to get the fuck out of there! So, what's wrong with having standards of appearance and weight for regional television personalities, police officers, medical professionals, etc...? I could go on for days and days about this shit. I'm not a fan of what people have become. A bunch of entitled whinny bitches! On an other note, I love titties and am about to embark on a Crazyshit User-Boobs adventure. I'll have more information for you guys tomorrow. So, until then, keep it crazy and ladies, start sending in those sweater-puppets with Crazyshit on them for user-boobs! --Henry M.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
please don’t embark on a journey to the local dairy farm ,if your on a user bewbs hunt. please henry,i’m begging you.
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 10:29 AM

The poor guy that made the comments about the fat ass anchor was a simple working guy. He was accused of bullying, which he didn’t. He simply stated his opinion. I think he was frightened by all the media coming down on him like a criminal, and decided (wisely) to make an apology to cool things off.
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 12:53 PM

posted on: 10-09-12 @ 2:25 PM

I approve this message. Keep up the good work Henry, your rants have been good so far. How 'bout we get the news anchor bitch to send us user boobs and maybe some user gunt? Then we could send these to the guy who wrote the letter and then he could make an effigy out of it, put some tyres around it's neck and set it on fire.
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 3:23 PM

HOLY FUCK ME RUNNING... A GOD DAMN LEGIT POST THAT I CAN RELATE TOO... seriously these fat fucks in today’s society need to be tit fed cause of the liberal agenda that we are all the same.... God damn Henry, i completely agree the fat boy platoon needs to be made a example of.... and as does the rest of america. The fat pieces of shit need to be called out and executed in my sick fuck mind. Army infantry here, and FUCK FAT AMERICA, IF YOU CAN EAT YOUR BODY WEIGHT YOU NEED TO BE SHOT!. Fuck i hate you fat fucking bastards.... Adam you are gay for posting lame ass comments to each post.... Henry for VP! Jay.... keep on keeping on. And you fucks who post the same shit over and over... commenting on bigtalk and biggertalk.... refreshing the page just to get the top comment, go for a fucking walk out of your mom’s basement you fucking nerds....FUCKing nerds
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 5:13 PM

^ she has a point. .
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 5:34 PM

She has a face for radio.
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 6:54 PM

That fat anchor isn’t effecting me. I don’t understand why everyone is so fucking upset on both sides of the issue. Specially Henry... Does it really make a difference to you if she is on TV or not? She could pound sand for all I fucking care. Same with the vast majority of you all! I’m sure the feeling is mutual.
posted on: 10-09-12 @ 9:24 PM

LOL! When I went in the Marines, I had to go into PCP for a month because I was UNDERWEIGHT. There I was with all the fatbodies skinny as a scarecrow getting stuffed with double rats and the DI’s screaming at me to eat my fucking desert! You’re right, about getting motivated to get the hell out. I never wanted to be anyplace else than PCP more in my goddamn life. America could learn a lesson from the Marines and tell a few fat bitches they’re fat. Semper Fi!
posted on: 10-10-12 @ 12:30 AM

Yes, let’s become a society that values no personal responsibility. One that turns the criticisms of the weak and unmotivated into a statement against bullying. A bully threatens. A privileged fat cunt whines. Good luck ’meruca.
posted on: 10-12-12 @ 7:13 PM