Life's Treat To Me, Today.

on 10.11.2012

I gotta say one thing. Driving in South Florida is as bad as it gets and as good as it gets. You have heaps of fucking people that you want to kill because they're just absolutely fucking terrible drivers. Like the people that turn on their hazards when it rains! I fuckin hate them. But then you get the good side of it. Tons of hot chicks driving around. On the way back to my place this morning I was at the stop light about to get on 95 North. Just so happens I pulled up next to a hot business woman with great tits in a Nissan Maxima eating a banana. I drive a slightly lifted F-150 on 34-inch tires with tinted windows. So I had a good view of everything going on in her car. That woman was smoking hot and she was eatin that banana all sassy-like, she must've known I had her in my sights. Needles to say, I've got some new material for the spank-bank. --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
somehow henry i knew you drove a F-150 jacked up with mud tires. and i also see a rebel flag someplace on it with nra stickers and get-r done stickers.
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 12:00 PM

"I drive a slightly lifted F-150 on 34-inch tires" Gave away real quickly that this was going to be a post from Henry.
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 12:39 PM

Ford sucks shit
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 1:33 PM

Oh, Henry, tell me more, tell me more, like did she have a car? BOOOOORRINNNGGGG !!!!
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 1:34 PM

henry don’t fuckin twist the story around. it was a van full of dudes ass fuckin each other and you followed it around all day asking how you can join.
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 1:57 PM

what do you know about womenfolk Henry?
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 2:45 PM

I saw a hot chick once. Pepper spray is quite painful I must say.
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 4:29 PM

leave Brittany alone ! .. . oh wait .. its henry ..
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 5:58 PM

Henry, ALWAYS carry a camera with you.
posted on: 10-11-12 @ 7:29 PM