The Lovely, Lovely Weekend.

on 10.13.2012

Man, it's been a while since I got a chance to sleep in. I sure as fuck got my sleep on last night. I didn't get my ass outta bed til damn-near 11. Fuck, I needed that. Anyhow, yesterdays WICS was a flop according to some of y'all. I learned what I needed to and it's gonna be much better next time. Pinky-swear! Haha! So get out, get drunk, get hurt and get it all recorded. We, at Crazyshit, look forward to getting pictures and videos about the crazy shit that y'all see and do. Send em here. --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Don’t worry about TWICS Henry, the bitches have always got to have something to cry about...fuckin’ whining bitches.
posted on: 10-13-12 @ 1:25 PM

Same shit different day homie!
posted on: 10-13-12 @ 2:01 PM

Henry...somewhat of a shitty day on crazyshit...but you prevailed. With all that extra sleep you got, go out and show us what a weekend night out in your life is all about. I'm married with 2 youngen's...my nights all blend together. 12 pack of beer and asking my old lady to give it up. Nothing changes. Woot!
posted on: 10-13-12 @ 2:07 PM

Hey Shitters, O U just kicked the shit out of the Texas Longhorns in Dallas 63 to 21. Go Sooners.
posted on: 10-13-12 @ 4:50 PM

I’m not griping Henry. There were some good comments in those pics and vids, just have to mix therm up that’s all. Keep it up man.
posted on: 10-13-12 @ 8:55 PM

IT SUCKED! Don’t think you can curry favor with me by kissing my ass and giving me a mention in the wics. you goddamn cheese eater. do better next time or else.
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 2:31 AM

oh btw your predecessor may have poisoned the well with uploads or maybe it is Jays incompetent coding that stopped me from uploading videos. Anyways why do WE have to upload the vids? you would think that a URL would suffice. why do WE have to do all the fucking work. maybe that is why CS sucks
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 2:34 AM

I’ll try an upload now ... oh the form ask me all sorts of stupid questions ... what’s my name? what’s my email? what’s my title? I am fucking king of shit-o-stan mother fucker. my message? post the fucking video asshole that my message. geez you all suck I fill all that shit out and get this message : 413 Request Entity Too Large BULLSHIT! the vid is 6.5MB that’s like a minute of viewing. YOU ALL SUCK!
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 2:38 AM

I agree with two hats, why is it that the same moaning idiots never contribute to the comments yet they bitch about them ?
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 8:56 AM