Sunday...that Is All....

on 10.14.2012

Hell yeah! I got my self a supply of free fuel for my new Waster-Vegetable Oil Volkswagon. Took me only one day to ensure I only need to fill my tank with diesel ever 2-3 months. That's what's up! Can't lie about it, makes me kinda happy. So, y'all do anything worthwhile this weekend? Anything new and unusual to report? I've got nothing other than I've got a giant shit on deck that I have let free. Man, this is gonna be a good one. So, till next weekend fuckers! Keep it crazy! Off to launch the Brown October! --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Where do you get the fuel from?, the grease dumpster from behind McDonald’s?
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 11:42 AM

cut the fucking side of my finger off about an inch long and half inch deep!! i take plavics and the fucker took me damn near 18 hours to stop bleeding! i hate blood thinners!!
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 1:08 PM

What % diesel to oil do you use . We used to burn Bio diesel in our tractors . We used 30 % . Anything over 50% smells like french fries cooking
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 2:38 PM

Hey Henry how come you aren't on the CS staff page? Do you have to filter or refine the oil or do you just slap it straight in the tank? Would you carry a spare drum for those long trips or just put desiel in it? From what i've heard it works a treat but you have to replace your fuel filter a lot more cause it gets clogged up.
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 5:25 PM

posted on: 10-14-12 @ 5:43 PM

18,000 gigawats Marty , Great Scot !
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 7:35 PM

Henry M.
Urapnes, I get my oil from a local burger bistro. Hickory, I’ll be using 100% vegi-oil. Once it’s gets up to operating temperature I just switch it to vegi. Then a minute before shutdown purge the system with diesel. The_aristocrat, I just haven’t gotten around to making my staff page yet. I’ll get it done this week. As far as filtering, I need to filter it through a 5 micron filter. I’d carry spare vegi-oil if I have it. Why pay for it if I ain’t got to? If you filter down to 5 micron, 1 micron’s even better, I really shouldn’t have too replace my filter any more often than I would doing just straight diesel. We’ll see though.
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 7:42 PM

Fuck Sundays
posted on: 10-14-12 @ 7:55 PM

Postings are becoming weak man...
posted on: 10-15-12 @ 7:07 AM