Heading To Beantown

on 10.19.2012

I will be in Boston all next week for some conference that I just have to attend. I sure hope Boston has good strip clubs! This will be my first time heading to the famous Beantown. I actually know jack shit about one of America's largest cities. Other than it was basically the hot bed of our great nation's birthing, that's all I have. If you want to give me your two cents on where to go to drink/eat, or see, let me know. Hell, I don't even mind if you send me to the ghettos. Maybe I can spread the Crazy Shit gospel there! Just give me some heads up. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Just leave any expectations of dealing with polite, courteous and respectful people at the Mason-Dixon line and you’ll be just fine.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 2:40 PM

try not to get mugged.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 2:51 PM

Enjoy your trip bro. Boston is fucking sick place to hang at. Stay on the yellow brick road my man.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 3:52 PM

If any of our Beantown Brothers bother to check out crazyshit, they will rape you, beat you, cook you, and eat your ass -- simply because of all the resident racist VIP fuckheads who use this site as their personal shit dumpster.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 10:03 PM

Take a few dollahs down to the squah & try to find a Catholic guhl to suck your cawk.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 10:26 PM

Be sure to rent a nice cah.
posted on: 10-19-12 @ 10:30 PM

...and insure that car to the hilt.Boston drivers are insane.
posted on: 10-20-12 @ 2:15 AM

Boston is the world's asshole
posted on: 10-20-12 @ 5:22 AM

Frank Drebin is right. I go back and forth from NY to NC all the time and there is a drastic change of attitude right around there.
posted on: 10-20-12 @ 7:07 AM

Mmmnnnn boston bun with butter.
posted on: 10-20-12 @ 4:13 PM