What Do You Want?

on 10.23.2012

What's your favorite kind of shit to see when you visit this shitty website of ours? Aside from porn, you fucking pervert. Do you like beheadings, cyst pops, mopeds getting destroyed, knockouts, dumb people hurting themselves doing dumb shit, or something else? Is there anything you want to see that we don't post? Let us know, and help us help you get your daily dose of crazyshit, bitches. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Dumb people are pretty cool, but then again i can see that in the mirror
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:17 PM

Everything but the porn....you can get porn on millions of sites. You can’t get the other stuff you named on other sites. Well you can on a few but not as good as this one. USER BOOBS!
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:19 PM

decisions decisions
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:20 PM

How about dumb shit that you guys do to eachother? I don’t think we’ve seen any of that yet.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:22 PM

^you don’t wanna see that trust me.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:29 PM

i dont like rate my shit that just fucking stupid and i would like to see more animals getting hurt or killed
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:46 PM

More dicks(and I am not referring to the ones that post here)and not the kind that are being mutilated! More along the lines of "User Dicks" with "CS" written on them. I’m gonna start screaming discrimination up in this biotch if something doesn’t change!!
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 2:57 PM

My favorite is professional cyst poppings - the kind that take place in a doctor’s office. Dumbasses doing dumb shit are always fun. Beheadings and executions I’m not so big on. Self-mutilation - no way. In fact, if I can tell from the preview pic or caption that it’s a pic of a dick with a nail in it, or a guy hanging from his nutsack, or whatever, I won’t even look.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 3:27 PM

I like ALLLL your Crazy Shit .... keep that shit Comingg
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 3:49 PM

cysts are cool beheadings are not i skip past them if i know whats coming
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 4:20 PM

Mopeds getting hit, knockouts, seeing people hurting theirselves(fails), cops beating people and people beating cops, hood fights, executions, beheadings, cysts are ok but they are all pretty much the same unless it shoots out at someone, people getting hit by cars, cars hitting each other.... I think that's about it
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 4:51 PM

here’s an easy way for you to decide what to put on crazyshit adam. ask your self when you watch a video"would they play this video on any of the TV shows about home videos?" and if the answer is yes, then dont post it here. anything with blood or lumps or dumbass’s in it is good stuff by me. the car crashes suck unless there’s bodys.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 4:53 PM

Love all of it. very pleased with how lately there has been a lot more posts daily. More content the better i say.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 5:23 PM

Gore (squashed brains, mangled bodies, crushed skulls, etc.), blackheads extraction, more gore and gore.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 5:51 PM

Adam, one thing that I just love seeing is "this"! "This"? "This" is NOT seeing CS’ers throwing hateful, mean spirited insults. Not the thoughtful, playful insults that have always been a CS mainstay. There are many here that have always been good at that but it got just downright personal for a while! The mean phase has come and, hopefully, gone. Knock on wood.....it would seem almost all here get along quite well.*****So +1 to the person that said porn videos are a dime a dozen and that we can get that anywhere and everywhere we look. "Rate My Shit"? Why on Earth would anyone want to do that? The rest? Try to think of original content. Something that only CS would post. It may be hard but there is NO harm in trying.***** Here’s to making CS fun again! Peace all!
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 6:03 PM

IM new to this site and all I've seen....is great love everything y'all post. Keep up the great work
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 6:11 PM

I'd like to see less big dick adds and more user bewbs ( as rockinron says ) but I get more bewbs than u fuckers do !!
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 6:28 PM

Less beheading. Get Jay to bring back the Florid-uh report.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 7:38 PM

When that battleship was fucking shit up.... That was one of my favorite videos.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 8:19 PM

More self made Florida bikini bitches on the beach and you could throw in a fatty now and then to poke fun at.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 9:30 PM

Plane crashes! Huge fireball engulfed plane crashes. With beat, dead, burnt bodies spewed across the countryside. And train wrecks! Huge passenger train crashes over deep gorges. With beat, dead, burnt bodies flying through the air. And bomb explosions! Big bomb explosions. With beat, dead,,, well, you get the idea.
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 10:36 PM

^^^ I think your on to something Kenny. More Beat dead burnt bodies floating in the ocean; more beat dead burnt bodies turned inside out in space with their charred innards floating about; more beat dead burnt bodies used in professional porn shoots; more beat de.....
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 11:15 PM

i like the funny ass pictures that were all left asking "what the hell was going on there?" lol
posted on: 10-23-12 @ 11:48 PM

Some decent street fights.
posted on: 10-24-12 @ 5:03 AM

Dumb Asians., dead and dismemberment, would u hit it, user boobs ( real ).
posted on: 10-24-12 @ 10:40 PM

I’ve been visiting this site for years, barely ever log in, but its always a good laugh. We should be able to create our own profiles kinda like a youtube profile but uncensored and not necessarily pornographic either. That way we can see whos a true crazyshitter and weed out all the psycho derelict dirtbags. Then maybe you can get sponsorshit from legitimate advertising angencies and I wont have to look at a big floppy cock staring me down while i read posts. And btw the secret to a bigger dick is stop jerking off and start working out. Your welcome Rockinron!
posted on: 10-25-12 @ 7:03 AM

I like to see head on collisions, People being beat with bats and machetes, I seen a decapitation video that involved a chainsaw and that was pretty sweet. I would also like to see celebrity nudes and rape videos. And less dick miracle grow advertisements.
posted on: 10-25-12 @ 8:28 AM