Making A Bomb

on 10.26.2012

I've got a little project to complete my Halloween costume, and maybe some of you have some good suggestions to help. I'm going to be a suicide bomber, and I just need to make the bomb. I'm not sure what I'm going to use to make it yet though. I figure I'll cruise around Wal-Mart and see what I find. I'm not looking to put too much effort into it. I just want it to kind of look like a bomb. Any good ideas? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Paint some empty paper towel tubes red and strap them to yourself.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 12:50 PM

road flares, red and black speaker wire and a portable digital car clock the kind that sticks to your dash. and duck tape. i did this 2 years ago and won the coustume contest at our local american legion
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 1:00 PM

I say go old school; get a small round ball, paint it black, and put a small piece of rope on it for a wick.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 1:09 PM

I’m with Rockinron, except don’t use duck tape, use black electrical tape. Also, don’t forget to stop in the bathroom section of Wal-Mart to pick up a robe and a towel to wrap around your head.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 1:44 PM

I agree with urapnes, go with the painted ball and piece of rope. Make sure you paint "BOMB" on it with a contrasting color so people know what you are.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 2:01 PM

Wanna go trick or treating in Kabul or what?
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 2:16 PM

Highway flares make good make-believe-dynamite, but make sure no one gets to close to you with a lighter. Well, if they do you may really win first place.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 2:20 PM

Don’t tell him that, I wanted to see the video!
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 2:28 PM

Make sure to wrap a towel around your head
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 2:43 PM

make sure to upload the footage of the cops, kickin the shit out of your brains
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 3:05 PM

damnit seaz ya tipped him off! i was hopping to set him up for one helluva video for next weeks updates.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 3:19 PM

Adam H.
All right, so I grabbed some electrical tape and speaker wire from the closet, and bought some red candles. Now I just have to find a fastening strap of some sort and a little detonator to hold while I scream, "Allahu Akbar!"
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 3:59 PM

If you really want to win,get some 1" pipe from the hardware store,then get some gun powder and some sodium nitrate,mix the two together and load the pipes and cap them.Then you need two cell phones....well you get the idea.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 4:39 PM

Instead of a digital clock though, go really old school and get a big wind up Mickey Mouse alarm clock. That way, you’ll be able to blow up on command with a ring.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 5:37 PM

hot dog sausages. . strap them to your chest. .wear a back pack with wire from over the shoulders to the sausages wired to a 12 volt battery and a switch ( flick the switch and the dogs get cooked ! instant food ! ) also in the pack 12 beers, for the lonely walk home. .
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 8:06 PM

I think you might be able to find a copy of Geelee or Glitter dvd at a Good Will. They’re both bombs.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 8:57 PM

Buy three bernzomatic propane torch bottles, make a harness to hold these bottles to the front of your chest. Then find some wire to connect all the bottles together at the top, having the other end of the wire going to a walkie talkie. Now the bottles do have explosive potential so get fucking crazy with it as long as you record yourself.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 9:42 PM

C-4 is very moldable and can be painted any color you like.
posted on: 10-26-12 @ 9:44 PM