Sandy Don't Play

on 10.30.2012

Sandy passed us by and left us with some waves. I went out today to catch a few, and those bitches were pumping. They don't get much bigger down here, but it would sure be nice if they got cleaner. Anyway, I'm glad the hurricane skipped us and fucked somebody else up instead. That part of the country was about due for a catastrophic natural disaster. I think it's God's way of punishing them for putting Jersey Shore on the air. God bless! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
sandy gave me a blowjob
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 2:49 PM

I can only hope Sandy buries Snooki, The Situation, and all their douchebag friends under 17ft of soaked sand, seaweed, and shark shit.
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 4:57 PM

The only thing "Sandy" gave us here was rain and some breeze. Shit, we get this shit in the spring and get snowstorms much worse than this shit. If this is what you southern boys call weather then you must be bigger pussies than I thought.
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 6:30 PM

Sandy raped my ass and stoled my electricity .
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 7:21 PM

^^^ Where at Corruptedsob?
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 7:38 PM

^ right outside Philadelphia Pa
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 8:01 PM

We have no power outages, downed trees, or major flooding here in Western New York. It seemed like a typical rainy day here. Winds barely hit 40-50 Mph.
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 8:11 PM

Shouldda named it hurricane Snooki since it too has blown everybody on the east coast. Fuckin’ whore!
posted on: 10-30-12 @ 10:25 PM

Haven’t seen frankdrebin for a few days. If I recall, he lives in or around NYC. I hope he’s OK.
posted on: 11-01-12 @ 3:40 AM

you want some kick ass waves ? shoot up to coco beach in the spring. they ar’nt tall but they ride forever.
posted on: 11-01-12 @ 4:35 PM