Happy Halloween

on 10.31.2012

It's Halloween, a time for costumes, candy, and drunk chicks using this fine day as an excuse to show off their tits and ass. What a great day. The big celebration around here was Saturday, but there might be a few people out tonight. I kind of doubt it though, because the temperature might be in the 50's and to the pussies down here, that's cold enough to keep them inside the house. But if you're a chick with a slutty costume, send us some pictures. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
On this site you need to define chick!
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 9:33 AM

I want to see you in your arabian belly dancer costume adam
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 11:12 AM

You Floridians are Pussys. When I was a kid I went Trick or treating in a snow storm.
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 12:41 PM

^Do you wear your Halloween costume daily?
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 2:44 PM

^^^^I used to, you know just for laughs; but now a days no one thinks its funny to have a dead cat strapped to your cock. Costume or not.
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 3:56 PM

Halloweens canceled till Fri . Here in Pa . So fuck you cunts .
posted on: 10-31-12 @ 9:30 PM

went to a bar party, had a big 12 inch dildo dong hanging out my fly with a knife thru it. the guys cringed and the girls wanted to buy it.
posted on: 11-01-12 @ 4:53 PM