Mind Has Been Blown

on 11.08.2012

I was checking some of the comments from yesterday, and when I looked at the fat black tits at the beach video, I couldn't believe what I found. Or rather didn't find. Not one appearance of that word that rhymes with trigger, so many of you like to use on a frequent basis. My mind has officially been blown. The comments in general really weren't even very racist. Not at all what I expected from a video like that. I'm befuddled. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Is that what the Trannies do to you Adam ? Befuddle you ?
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 2:07 PM

It’s that love in the air after Obama’s acceptance speech! Everyone is so tolerant now! Yaaaaaaay!
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 2:08 PM

Word that rhymes with Trigger.....Oh you mean the word Digger!
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 2:25 PM

^^ @graveyard .. I thought it was bigger(talk)
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 3:41 PM

Fuck all the triggers !!!
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 4:05 PM

im starting to rub off on these crackers
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 4:09 PM

That's because the blonde was hot which soothed people's emotions like when I rub prepartion H into my dogs impacted anus.
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 4:24 PM

nigger please! there are ya happy?
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 4:53 PM

Niger lovers!
posted on: 11-08-12 @ 7:40 PM

What does the word "crigger" have to do with anything? I see no reason to use the word here and now so why are you befuddled? If I see reason to use the word "crigger" I challenge ANYONE here to try and stop me!!
posted on: 11-09-12 @ 5:00 AM

I’m not sure what "befuddled" means but I’ll try and figure it out using the context. Does it mean "poked" in the do-do maker by Jay? No? How bout’ "poked" in the dodo maker by Henry? No? I got it!! "Poked" in the do-do maker by Jay AND Henry? No? Ok last stab. No pun intended. "Poked" in the do=do maker by Jay and Henry several times per day? Ding, ding, ding, ding....... I thought so!
posted on: 11-09-12 @ 5:04 AM

nativenatas- whats an african country got to do with this? and jeb that was the funniest none boring comment i ever seen you make in 3 years on crazyshit!!! laughed my ass off dude!!
posted on: 11-09-12 @ 11:41 AM

Ron, my average is every 4 years so I gettin’ better! Thanks man for helping my average. Peace my friend!
posted on: 11-09-12 @ 5:59 PM

I FINALLY get a compliment and you spell my freaking name wrong! I get NO RESPECT!
posted on: 11-09-12 @ 6:01 PM