Happy 237th Birthday Marines!

on 11.10.2012

To all my brothers and sisters out there in harms way and to all Marines past and present, Happy 237th Birthday! Once a Marine, always a Marine! OOH-RAH! So, like I promised, today is the end of the user-boobs competition. A picture is posted for you guys to vote on. Before I head to work tonight I'll announce the winner in the peanut-gallery and tomorrow it'll be posted in the blog. Have a killer day! Semper Fidelis! --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
OOH-RAH!... Henry... OOH-RAH!
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 2:06 PM

Get some!
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 2:16 PM

Thank you to all who have risked their lives and who have eaten the still beating hearts of their enemies all in the name of the people in this great nation.
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 2:26 PM

Happy birthday brothers. I picked navy to lazy to do all that crazy marine shit. Lots of respect!!!!
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 3:34 PM

Happy birthday devils! tun tavern!
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 3:53 PM

fuck you henry army all the way!!! thanks for standing up for those who couldnt and serveing and protectong. even for the ones that didnt deserve it!! infantry leads the way ohhrah!
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 5:27 PM

Hey Ron! I never belonged to any branch but judging from your post I think I see one difference. Do you need to know to spell to be taken by the Marines? Don’t hate, I’m ONLY asking.
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 6:42 PM

237 years of redefining death
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 6:56 PM

I also served in tthe U.S. Army. Did tours in VietNam and Panama. Saw and did a lot of things I wish I could forget, but I can’t. If you get a chance, thank a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman, even a coast guardsman. Some will loose their lives, others will loose their minds, just doing the tough job that needs to be done so we might enjoy the life we live here in the good ole U.S.A.
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 9:10 PM

Regardless of all the bickering and badgering amongst our fellow branch's. We all fight the same fight. I've been on patrol with some marines over in Kunar Province and it was all brotherhood. But i agree with Rock....Army all the way.
posted on: 11-10-12 @ 11:03 PM

Remembrance Sunday over here in the U.K. today, remembering the dead of all Wars past and present, Respect to them all.
posted on: 11-11-12 @ 6:03 AM

USMC, helping insurgents get closer to Allah for 11 years running! OO-RAH!
posted on: 11-11-12 @ 10:37 AM

craztvet i know what you mean
posted on: 11-12-12 @ 1:09 PM