Farewell Ron Paul

on 11.15.2012

Yesterday Ron Paul gave his farewell speech to congress. It is 48 minutes of pure goodness. With Paul just telling it like it is, that our politicians are pieces of shit, that have no fucking clue and we should revolt against them. Government should be afraid of us, that's what the truth should be. Not the other way around. Over the years I have become a huge fan of Ron Paul, and now that he is leaving we should not despair. We just know, as people that are not sheep that we have to stand up and lead. Fuck authority and question your government! --Jay

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
jay for united states congress!!!
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 3:11 PM

Woah, calm down, you’re going all civil war on me here. ;)
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 3:24 PM

posted on: 11-15-12 @ 3:47 PM

Live Free or Die !!!!!!
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 4:30 PM

Jay has never said truer words.
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 5:56 PM

stop with the politics . . i dont want to fucking hear it, lies lies and more lies. .
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 7:39 PM

We still have Randall . Ron’s the only politician I’ve donated money to.
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 7:46 PM

Mighty fine post Jay! The faster folks start believing this the faster we can get some change up in here. Think about designing a little corner of CS that can be dedicated to such dscussions. It may be proven well worth the effort. Whatcha think folks? I know, I know you’re saying the forum. I’m thinking that the "Main/Home Page" may be a better fit so ALL folks are more apt to read and comment. Peace all!
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 11:34 PM

When the government fears the people there is freedom, if the people fears the government there is tyrany. And tyrany is where we are headed. God bless you Ron Paul...I cant wait for you to come back into the headlights and tell all the little assholes who voted for pretty much anyone else "I told you so".
posted on: 11-15-12 @ 11:55 PM

It’s a sad day. I’ve been a big supporter of Ron Paul for quite a while now. America should be ashamed for ignoring the truth this great man speaks. His writings on the failed drug war ALONE should be worthy to nominate him for a Nobel peace prize, because if they were followed, millions of lives wouldn’t be wasted for nothing. Amen
posted on: 11-16-12 @ 12:57 AM

When are all the people going to agree that our government is broken and we the people say enough all ready and fix it our selves vote all these fucks out. And way to say how it is Ron Paul.
posted on: 11-16-12 @ 1:06 AM

Spaulding what do "blue turds" have to do with anything?
posted on: 11-16-12 @ 3:57 AM

And yet, over 80% of incumbents got re-elected. SMH. Ya git whatcha give.
posted on: 11-16-12 @ 10:05 AM