Thangsgiving Eve

on 11.21.2012

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? Do you even give a shit about it? My closest family member is about 1500 miles away, so holidays really don't mean anything. Jay might give me some leftovers, but that's about as festive as it's getting for me. I've got a feeling the grocery store will have a sale on pumpkin pie in a few days. I'll probably take advantage of that. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
go stuff some escorts - hotter ones are usually available on the holidays
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 2:16 PM

well sounds like a good time for you to get a bottle of jack or jim and kick back and watch parades and christmas shows all day thursday. either that or abuse your primate all day.
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 2:16 PM

Fuck it, fuck it all!
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 3:47 PM

Come up here Adam. I may not know your ass from a hole in the wall but seeing as its Thanksgiving you deserve to be with people who care. As we go around the table saying what we are thankful i’ll make a point to be thankful that you are at least open with your Homosexuality and not ashamed of it.
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 5:46 PM

Roast turkey is the best, delicous with mushroom gravy.
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 6:58 PM

We know you’ll gobbling toms all day. Probably joes & sams too.
posted on: 11-21-12 @ 7:45 PM

1500 miles away? Lucky bastard.
posted on: 11-22-12 @ 2:10 AM