Black Friday

on 11.23.2012

So how many of you fuckers wait in lines and go shopping on Black Friday? I never have and never will. Fuck all that. I could think of a million things I'd rather do than deal with that bull shit. I think I'll just spend time in the bathroom, excreting some deep fried turkey. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Never heard of deep fried turkey before. Sounds nice though.
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 2:26 PM

ain’t nobody got time fo dat
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 2:28 PM

Is it Martin Luther King day again ?
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 2:59 PM

No need to feed the beast !!! I'll wait till cyber Monday
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 3:22 PM

wtf adam? you missed the best opportunity in the world to pratice your fighting skills for free!! shit i went just to elbow fuckers and trip assholes up that ran past me. i got 2 tripped and 7-8 elbow’s to the ribs this year, and one old lady body checked into the robitussin display!! yup i love me some black friday sale’s time!!
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 3:55 PM

News always finds that one looser who’s been camping in front of Best Buy for 4 days; trying to save $300 on a big screen. Ask yourself; what’s you time worth?
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 4:51 PM

Any black day is a good day.
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 6:31 PM

Some assbag in Texas tried to cut in line & threw a couple punches. 86 people drew down on that chump. 2nd Amendment + concealed carry = order! Oh, and not a single shot was fired nor a single charge filed.
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 8:18 PM

^ doesn't Texas have open carry ?? ^
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 9:13 PM

^Yup. With a license you can conceal.
posted on: 11-23-12 @ 11:30 PM