on 11.24.2012

Ain't life grand? I just love the fact that I'm surrounded by idiots that would camp out for a week to get a deal at some fucking store. Goes to show you how important material goods are to some people. Those are the people that are absolutely worthless fucks. I mean, is a weeks worth of time camping in a parking lot worth the effort to just learn to use a computer? All these Black Friday deals can be found on the internet every fucking day! Idiots!

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Is it really worth going through the shit you post, when all we have to do is watch "The Week in Crazyshit" for previews of what you are going to post or just go back a few weeks and look at the shit already posted? Idiot!
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 12:46 PM

funny how you complain about them wasteing their time waiting for something stupid. when we here in the peanut gallery waste a week every week, waiting for you to post something stupid we have allready seen before.
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 1:10 PM

Next year, dress up as a bear & tear their tents apart.
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 1:10 PM

Hey Henry - You are commenting to a bunch of people who sit in front of their computers for hours on end waiting fo the next Crazyshit post so they can be the first to comment. Go figure.
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 1:35 PM

I’m apposed to all forms of camping.
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 1:38 PM

RIP poor store workers who get trampled on to death by crazed Black Friday shoppers.
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 2:52 PM

Surely they have gun sales?
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 3:15 PM

Soo, we have one day a year where people with little money spend it on shit they don’t need & we call it Black friday??? DAT’S RACISSS!!!
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 3:34 PM

What’s your time worth ?
posted on: 11-24-12 @ 11:26 PM

they call it black friday because its the one day a year when everyone acts like a bunch of out of control niggers!!!
posted on: 11-25-12 @ 1:10 PM