A New Breed Of Lesbian

on 11.27.2012

We've got a couple nice lesbian posts for you guys today, that I'm sure most of you will enjoy. I wasn't planning on making it a dyke out day, but it just happened that way. And then along comes rockinron hating on the vagina lickers, as he always does. With all the filth he undoubtedly watches online on a daily basis, I don't understand how he doesn't realize that today's rug munchers are a different breed than they were back in his day. They love cock, Ron. Even more than they love pussy. Sure, they enjoy the soft and sensual kissing and caressing of another woman, but that can never substitute the pleasure they get from a good hard pounding of a stiff one in their snatch. Times have changed, my friend. And I'm pretty sure the internet is about 95% responsible. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Carpet munchers.
posted on: 11-27-12 @ 3:10 PM

i guess im getting old, and your right dykes were only bending dildos back in the 80’s!!! and they looked like guys with butch haircuts and big fat wallets in their back pockets. maybe its time i catch back up with the world, but then again, fuck it!! i don’t need the competition at my age!! it’s hard enough to get the old lady to give it up!!!!
posted on: 11-27-12 @ 4:45 PM

I heart lesbians that are bisexual transgender hermaphradite reptiles.
posted on: 11-27-12 @ 4:55 PM

^ almost as good as fucking a kangaroo!!
posted on: 11-27-12 @ 5:06 PM

^Or biggertalk. lulz!
posted on: 11-27-12 @ 9:50 PM

Ask Jay WTF "Bugga Bear" is.
posted on: 11-28-12 @ 12:03 AM