Fuck You, Computer

on 12.05.2012

Sometimes I think about how great it would feel to pick up my computer and toss it out the window. Or maybe take a sledgehammer to it until it's in a thousand pieces. Pissing all over it sounds pretty swell too. I'm sure you've all been there before, so what would your preferred method of death to you computer be? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Give it to Rockinron and numberonefan and lighfighter, they can butt fuck it to death.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 2:44 PM

Hmmmmm.....got it! Kicking Henry in his ole’ nutsack while he’s holding the computer while you give him his daily blowjob. This will undoubtedly force him to drop the computer on your hard, bald, and terribly unattractive noggin. Then WHAM, BAM, thank you ADAM broken computer! Next question.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 2:45 PM

posted on: 12-05-12 @ 2:51 PM

^^^^^^^@biggertalk WORD to your WORD p.s. I have no idea what the fuck i just said ? hahaha
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 2:53 PM

You use windows vista, don’t you adam....you silly fucker
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 2:58 PM

fuck know he’s still working on windows 95.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 3:47 PM

butt fuck Henry with it untill the hard drive crashes!
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 5:16 PM

Even your Cumpewter is Sick and Tired of all the Bullshit Re-Posts and is trying to tell you it’s had enough.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 5:33 PM

I've taken my old computer and screen to the dump where they have one of those concrete pits. Throwing them in was very satisfying execpt they are tough little fuckers. The only way to properly destroy them is with a big ass hammer or in a hydraulic press terminator style.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 6:00 PM

After installing 8. I started watching the clip from South Park’s Movie Where Bill Gates gets shot in the head by the General. It made me feel better,
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 6:29 PM

I"ve Been fortunate with PC’s. But then again I build my own. But I did have a P.O.S. Lexmark printer once that I took out back and put some 12 guage rounds in it. It did make me feel better.
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 6:35 PM

I would dismantle the fucker n get out the precious metals then drop it off a 10 story building! I've done it before! HA!
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 8:33 PM

Take it to the range and plug it full of .223
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 9:20 PM

Quit blowin each other while watchin all that tranny porn! FAGS!
posted on: 12-05-12 @ 11:14 PM

If I had a bad computer I’d blow a wad into it while watching porn and watch the porn queen jitter.
posted on: 12-06-12 @ 12:06 AM

Pretend the display is everything you hate about your ex girlfriend and punch the fuck out of it, then you still have a working computer and that fucking ex girlfriend just got what she deserves, that’ll teach that bitch to spend my cash and fuck my friends, I’m going to get that bitch, in fact I’m picking up a gun and getting in my car, I’m now at her house and about to kick the door in, but suddenly the door opens and she is standing there wearing her night gown, I can see her tits pushing through the thin material showing me her want for my manhood, I enter her arms and we have passionate sex for the next minute or so... WHAT THE FUCK? "JUST PUT THE COMPUTER IN THE BIN AND HAVE A WANK"
posted on: 12-06-12 @ 2:37 AM

"Set the computer on fire. Cook some pork weiners over the fire and sell the weiners as all beef to the Muslim community." ;)
posted on: 12-06-12 @ 7:53 AM

^Yes muslims hate computer flavoured BEEF.
posted on: 12-06-12 @ 8:39 AM

^ pork wieners newb, i once took a 2 pound can of gun powder filled a pipe with it capped the ends (drilled a hole in the cap 1st for fuse) stuck it inside the computer, went to the local gravel pit. and wham blew that fucking piece of shit gateway completely apart. the biggest piece was the access door. it flew over 100 feet from the blast. cops gave me a huge ticket. thank god that was in 2000 before homeland security or i’d still be making license plates.
posted on: 12-06-12 @ 11:51 AM