No Good Taxi

on 12.10.2012

As I sat on the couch and listened to my friend explain several times to the cab driver how to get to his place, I thought, how the fuck does a cab driver not know where he's driving? That is his job, is it not? Being a man who drives for a living himself, my friend strongly agreed. We decided it's because he's a foreigner of below average intelligence, who probably just recently learned how to drive. One thing living in South Florida has taught me, if you have to depend on Haitians for anything at all, you're pretty much fucked. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I think it's because some people just dont give a fuck about their jobs. Or english is like gobble-de-gook to them. Or they have the corpses of the last three passengers in the trunk and they want to get home and fuck them while they are still warm and easy to cut up.
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 2:29 PM

What a dumbass. Your friend, I mean!
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 2:44 PM

Men don't really know where they're going n they get lost easily. This fact transcends space, time, n race!!! Lol
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 3:30 PM

^ only a tranny would say that
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 5:00 PM

tell that fuckin haitian cabby you have a dead chicken and 3 locks of his hair and if he’s not there in 10 minutes your gonna start lighting candles!!!
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 5:01 PM

I work with these niggers !!!!! There everywhere , I hate these fuckers ......
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 8:05 PM

Was one of the letters in his the symbol for boron?
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 8:36 PM

Brisbane Airport has 300 Taxi cabs on standby and not one of the fucker’s are Australian, I used to go from Mackay to Brisbane once a fortnight when my lady had a kidney transplant, government paid for the flights but I had to pick up taxi fair from the airport to the P.A Hosipital, usual cost was about $50, but these indian talking towel headed fuck’s didn’t know I was a regular and just about every fucking time I had to tell the pricks to changer their tariff from grave yard shift charges to day time rates, every fucking time I got the same reply, "I’m vedi soddy my frend, I do apologise for this, I am vedi tired and I did for get by mistake, I will take off the extra money when we stop at the hospital", and if the pricks weren’t trying to rip me off that way it was going the wrong route and gettin an extra $20 by taking me through Brisbane instead of over the Bridge etc... The problem is so big in Australia that there is now a taxi complaint phone line opened by the Brisbane Council to report these fucking criminal illegal immigrant pricks, another thing which shits me is they break every fucking Queensland road rule while driving, the pricks drive while talking on the phone in Indian. I fucking hate Asian’s, it isn’t safe to be alone with me if you are Asian, I will most likely put you in a very shallow grave, there’s nothing good about the fucker’s, they are all fanatically religious, you can’t trust their food because it will always be rotten, and they will stab you because you are while english speaking scum, I say we should have another world war and this time support Hitler’s views, he obviously had the right ideals, the jews are taking over the United States now and pushing Gay Television on everyone, all in the name of the dollar.
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 10:47 PM

fuck taxi drivers
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 10:56 PM

^why would anyone want to fuck a smelly indian male who wears a towel on his head?
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 10:58 PM

Replace "taxi" with "internet website" and "foreigners" with "you and Henry" along with "not knowing where" with "posting videos" and it’ll still make perfect sense!
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 3:39 AM

And yes clit, I also would like to see his answer! Lol! love it!!
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 3:42 AM

I was asked directions by an Asian taxi driver today, that`s spooky Adam.
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 12:10 PM

u let a nigger drive u? tool
posted on: 12-13-12 @ 1:08 PM