Some CS Benefits

on 12.11.2012

I've got to say, one thing I love about doing this job is the flexibility. I decided to take the day off yesterday to hangout with the lady, so I got shit done ahead of time and asked Henry to put it all up in the morning. Good to go. Another cool thing about the job is that Jay doesn't give a shit if I drink beer at work. In fact, drinking on the job is pretty much encouraged. Can't complain about that. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
damn dude that sucks if you get hurt on the job. i dont think jays insurance will cover a drunk dude getting beat up for posting tranny porn. LOL
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 2:31 PM

posted on: 12-11-12 @ 2:43 PM

When Adam types Lady He Actually means "TRANNY" and when Adam types drinking he is referring to "URINE" it’s really hard to understand his stories unless you have a cypher machine.
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 2:44 PM

Jay doesn’t need insurance, he has a big bag of Gold Doubloon, if you think of Walt Disney’s Scrooge McDuck with a beer belly then you’ll get the picture. I always pictured Cockinron and Wiggertalk as the Beagle Boys.
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 2:47 PM

You guys better watch out! If Donald Trump finds out about you having fun at work he will start an immediate hostile takeover.
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 3:02 PM

adam, seems like you sucking henry’s cock at work is encouraged also.
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 3:27 PM

Jay sounds like a really good guy to work for. But the ultimate test of awesomeness is "Will he let you bang your girl on his desk"?
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 5:45 PM

In all seriousness I have always been jealous of your working conditions! All the more reason to do your best while you are "working". You guys do have a dream job and I hope you appreciate it enough to give Jay your all!
posted on: 12-11-12 @ 8:56 PM

I hope you don`t drive home after drinking all that beer at work ?
posted on: 12-12-12 @ 4:35 AM