Well Hell!

on 12.16.2012

As I sit here writing this blog for you guys, all I can think about is how bad I have to take a shit. That'll be my first shit of the day. I'm usually on my first bombing run about 0700, 0800 at the latest. I know today's first is going to be a doozie. I had me a generous portion of hunan chicken, hot and sour soup and an egg roll before bed last night. The bathroom's going to smell just like the Chinese restaurant that the food came from...mmmmm mmmmm BITCHES! Soon as I'm done there, I'll eat the rest of that fine culinary masterpiece. I love me some Chinese food! --Love always, Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
How the hell does anyone shit like 3 times a day? I shit like 1 every day or 2. I cant imagine having my life controlled by having to dump 3 times a day like that. Do you eat like a 7 course meal every 3 hours or something? Damn.....
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 1:07 PM

chinese restaurant = low quality shit
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 1:14 PM

Good luck on getting out all that semen and condoms henry...
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 1:19 PM

you eat at a chinese resturant that smells like shit? damn henry thats kida fucked up even for you dude.
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 1:24 PM

If you bag that shit up, you can sell it back to the Asian resturant.
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 3:03 PM

Now eat it you fuck.
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 3:36 PM

Normal people aren’t interested in poo, we don’t think about poo, we don’t like looking at poo, we actually try our hardest to walk around poo, I even have a shower after having a poo, why can’t you be more like the English royal family, they don’t poo?
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 3:43 PM

Me so solly. And then? AND THEN?
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 4:33 PM

Only chicken? No kung pao poodle or Mandarin cat?
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 5:40 PM

Well poop.
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 6:56 PM

^^@the_aristocrat: NO AND THEN!!!
posted on: 12-16-12 @ 8:05 PM