So What Side Are You Guys On?

on 12.22.2012

Why is it that no one is accountable for their actions anymore? I'm like this cause of my dad. I'm this way because of society. He made me do it. It's not my fault. Whatever happened to fessing up to shit and saying, "I fucked up," or "I need to fix that," or better yet, "it was my fault." I don't understand the lack of accountability I see around me. What do you guys see? Am I missing something? I'm pretty sure I'm spot on. Accountability includes the acceptance that evil exists and that to destroy evil we need good people that are willing to destroy it. Not handle it with rehabilitation and love and hope that it changes. DE-FUCKING-STROY IT! I could go on for a good bit on this subject. Bottom line is, liberals tend to be very naive and hopeful. Shit don't work! Be real and accept reality then we'll make real progress! Time for bed fuckers! Till tomorrow..... --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
they do what ever they can get votes. think for yourselves.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 7:42 AM

Evil doesn’t exist you nut case. That’s as stupid as believing in a heaven and a hell, there are only two states of mind, one is understanding and the other is not understanding, what you refer to as evil is not a force that takes over a person and makes them do unacceptable social behaviour, your evil is actually ignorant lazy fucktard’s whom simply live their lives as they wish with no regard to the emotional or physical impact to other’s. Those pricks who leave shopping trolley’s in empty car spaces and fuck up other peoples access to the park are a base example, these fucktards know what they are doing is not acceptable social behaviour, yet they continue their actions without mercy. There is no evil, just right and wrong decisions depending on the law of the time, todays right may be tomorrows wrong, hence is smoking marijuana a crime, Yes it is, but should it be, No.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 10:29 AM

^P.S My older brother used to bash me, that’s why I typed this, it’s not really my fault at all....Haaahaaha™
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 10:47 AM

Its called Liberal Democrat. The cancer of America. Wipe out Liberal thought and all the problems go away. The only place progressives progress to is third world country status.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 11:21 AM

As the president of the NRA just said, the only way to stop bad people with guns is good people with guns. Evil walks the Earth daily and will be a constant battle.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 11:57 AM

fuck everybody just start nuking the fuck outta every cuntry in the world! except england and australia. (i like tea and shrimp on the barbie!)
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 12:55 PM

Life is soo short. Get a pretty girl, a couple guns, move to the country and forget about the outside world. Fuck all the bullshit crime, and piece of shit dumbass people. It's that simple.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 1:06 PM

^Exactly! Make your own little corner of the world as nice as you can & fuck the rest of the tards. Too bad the tards want you to be as miserable as they are but that’s their problem.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 1:57 PM

cocktard and his right wing bullshit as usual, crack kills, kids
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 3:56 PM

Hey Rod! I agree with ya’ 100%. I didn’t undertsand how bad things have gotten until I saw where these people thought it was a bad idea to drug test welfare recipients! WHAT could possibly be wrong with that? This is baseline but people that receive welfare live off of other people that actually work. Folks that work, skimp and save. Folks that actually have the number of kids that they can afford to raise! Shit people! People that get food stamps actually take money from OTHER people to feed THEIR family. Worse yet they trade their food stamps for drugs! How DARE we try to stop such practices! Who do we think we are?*****BT don’t take offense to this.There are many, many folks that do this that aren’t black. MANY!*****Rod I firmly believe that liberals take the stances that they do because "THIS" is their base and they have to protect it. I’m sure that a huge % of drug addicted welfare folk don’t vote but I am just as sure that 100% that do vote vote democrat. To further help their cause that made it where if you do speak out against any of this then you’re a mean-spirited bigot!
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 3:57 PM

I failed accounting even after blowing the teacher. I guess I should have blown the accounting teacher, oh well...
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 4:41 PM

You really need to get some hermaphrodite pussy to find out just what’s going on in your head !
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 6:13 PM

Looks like Rockinron has been watching that new version of Total Recall, I watched it last night ron, a day later and I wouldn’t know what the fuck you were typing about. (PRAWN BY THE WAY, THERE’S NO SHRIMPS IN AUSTRALIA) I’d like to take the time to thank you all for showing me more about your weakness, that’s right folks I win you lose, I’ve got more negatives than anyone, obviously I’m getting the attention I intended which makes me a fucking GENIUS...Haaahaaha™ Why the fuck did you all take this thread down a political path, the politician’s are the worlds smart people, it is you who leaves the shopping trolleys in the path of other’s, and you know I’m fucking right, so consider your actions in this world instead of condemning those who help other’s. Only dickheads pretend they know how to run a country when they spend all their time cracking jokes on a porn site...wake up fucktard’s.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 8:09 PM

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posted on: 12-22-12 @ 8:41 PM

Hey biggerlip want her bar locale you may just have a chance yet to finally get some pussy.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 8:59 PM

accept responsibility for your actions. I respect a man more when he fucks up and admits that he fucks up.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 9:19 PM

posted on: 12-22-12 @ 9:33 PM

^^Exactly Spaulding, and to add not only respect but to be able to trust later in life. Honesty goes a long way amongst real men, the rest are just women in mens clothing.
posted on: 12-22-12 @ 10:48 PM