The Hoe-lidays Are Here.

on 12.23.2012

Happy Hoe-lidays BITCHES! The Hoe-lidays are a great time of year to appreciate your manly essence, if you possess that, and slay some pussy. However, if you're the type of dude that doesn't have any game, slay some hand! Either way slay something, preferable with a good lubricant. Don't want dick sores if you're a hand-slayer or with a post-menopausal woman, you old fucks. And hell, if you're Santa go ahead and slay something on your sleigh. What go you say? Like a hot lil elf bitch or dude if you're gay! A real four-and-a-half foot spinner, either way! Anyways, happy Christmas wishes to you and yours from your fellow Crazyshitter. --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Henry, ive tried sending two different video in the last two days. how the fuck do i send them?
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 10:56 AM

henry and adam are gonna slay each others assholes with their cocks.
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 1:51 PM

merry christmas to all you crazyshit bitches and brothers!! oh and fuck you henry adam and jay! just kidding..........fuck you everybody!!!!
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 3:36 PM

Henry? Henry? Are you ok dude? I think someone has slayed your brain.
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 3:41 PM

Merry Christmas to you as well Henry, Adam, Jay, past crazyshit staff and to all the wonderful crazyshitters out there. Have a safe and happy holidays! (i prefer using butter as lube because then when you shove the hair straightener in the ass you get a toasted sandwhitch smell mmmmnnnn mmmmnnnn yummy)
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 3:58 PM

chupamiverga you gonna unwrap some mouth watering tamales on tuesday breh????
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 4:40 PM

merry christmas to you and adam jay as well. go out get fucked up and fuck some bitches... for years you fucks still give me a reason to not go crazy, but instead come here,and watch people get beheaded, eat shit, get shit on, see taliban blow shit up, people popping each others cysts, and pissing and shitting and jizzing on everything,and other bullshit in between that we love, only at crazyshit, this whole bottle of whisky is for you, bitches!
posted on: 12-23-12 @ 7:12 PM