Christmas Spirit

on 12.24.2012

Christmas was fucking awesome when I was a kid, but now it's pretty much just a pain in the ass. Shopping sucks, traffic sucks, and I don't get holidays off because you all need death, sluts, and dumbasses on Christmas too. I guess I've turned into a bit of a scrooge in my older age. Oh well, Merry Christmas Eve, bitches. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
loved Christmas as a kid and hated it as an adult, now with a kid, love it again
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 3:18 PM

I hope a Ghost From Christmas Past comes and Fucks with you all night long Adam, so you can take the day off and not update.
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 3:50 PM

thanks for being here for us, as i type this 30 fucking people are screaming and singing and eating and driven me fucking nuts. and as allways i have my inner world of crazyshit to run away to because of your dedication, merry christmas crazyshitters and adam!
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 3:56 PM

never got dat easy bake oven as a kid grrrrr
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 4:12 PM

Get used to it, Adam.
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 4:58 PM

May the spirit of Christmas fill you with joy and happiness, and may it be the best looking tranny you’ve ever seen.
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 5:01 PM

Death and gore, adam. lots and lots of gore.
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 8:11 PM

Hey BT I always wanted, but denied as you were, a Hot-Wheels race track! My favorite 2 gifts were a Evel Knievel stuntbike and a air hockey table. Then the most awesome piece of shit(when I tell you what it was you’ll understand)I received was the vibrating football table! You guys have to know what I’m talking about. However I must admit is was alot better than the Atari 3 man ghost football though! That was TERRIBLE!! Peace and Merry Christmas all!*****P.S. Will someone that lives in Australia check out the obituaries and see if clitoris was murdered or was he banned from CS. Either one was well derserved!
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 11:17 PM

Fuckin fags , drink some beer you fuckin Dick holes or wine whatever you fags do n merry fuckin Christmas!
posted on: 12-24-12 @ 11:30 PM

Right backatcha you ignorant fool(native)! I pray that you die a terrible, pain filled death preferably with some type of boil to the penis before you wake this Christmas morn!! BUT if not then I only have one thing to say to your sorry ass.......Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you have so many Christmas miracles you have to puke! Peace to you my mans!
posted on: 12-25-12 @ 2:47 AM

@wisconsinjed, It seems you are the only one being NEGATIVE this time of the year...Haaahaaha™
posted on: 12-25-12 @ 4:17 AM

FUCK christmas, FUCK boxing day, FUCK new years day, FUCK easter friday, FUCK easter sunday, what a fucking load of fucking bullshit all this fucking shit is, can i get my shopping, fucking NO, because there’s some fucking late christmas shopping cock sucker parked in all the spaces buying presents that have had the prices increased and a christmas bargain label attached, you fucking stupid fucking idiots, half the shit being purchased ends up in the fucking trash dump four weeks later because it’s all fucking shit made in fucking china, this world is fucked, the people are fucking fucked, and all I can do is complain because even the fucking people who are paid to stop all the fucking stupid shit are also fucked in the head. I’ve got to put it down to all the fucking fluoride in the drinking water, mankind is one fucked up mother fucking fucktard, why couldn’t the world have just fucking exploded when it was supposed too, even the end of the world is FUCKED.
posted on: 12-25-12 @ 5:19 AM

happy Christmas you bunch of cunts x x x
posted on: 12-25-12 @ 6:33 AM